lanie stevens

author & relationship expert



i love to empower women....

It is the reason WRITE BOOKS THAT ARE  #1 Best SellERS...TO HELP WOMEN!


 I believe that women are not the "weaker sex" and we have the power and ability to create wonderful lives with or without a man.  However, since we all absolutely love to be in relationships, I write Amazon best selling books to guide you on how to attract men, keep them interested and passionately in love with you.  Between my unique books and awesome mp3 meditations you will become a "super woman" in every area of your life!  I also offer relationship advice for couples as well as relationship advice for women.

I have been using and teaching my "secret technique" to friends, family, clients and now YOU, because it is the only technique that will work each and every time you use it.  It is the most powerful secret in the world of relationships and I have taught it to women from every country on earth.  This technique can be used to make your man never want to leave you!  My online relationship counseling has changed the lives of MANY of my readers!

In addition to the techniques you will learn from my books I also created powerful mp3 meditations to empower women.  These unique meditations will absolutely and totally change your life!  They will get you into the perfect "alpha" state of mind necessary to manifest whatever it is your heart desires.  There is no reason to ever feel you are powerless because you have all the power of the universe on your side -- you just haven't known how to use it! They will teach you the art of seduction, third eye meditations, psychic seduction, guided meditation to help you in every area of your life.  Also, they will help you get your ex lover back OR how to get back at your ex!  ;-)

I am a woman's woman and I love to see women win in a world dominated by men.  I want my "sisters" to live up to their full, wonderful and powerful potential.  I wish everyone realized that what we think about, focus on and place our emotions toward is what we will attract in life.  If you aren't living the life you desire to live it is time to change it  --  right now TODAY!  There is no reason other than YOU that the life you always dreamed of isn't what you're living.  And, there is nothing standing between you and the love you deserve except that you did not have the knowledge I will teach you  -- but now you do!

Blessings to all my beautiful "sisters" from all over the world!  I hope you will take the first step with me today in creating the life you deserve.