Are You Killing the love in Your Relationship?



We all make mistakes in our relationships but there are “deal killers” that will cause the demise without you even realizing it.  A good relationship requires attention (not necessarily work) and with improper care it can wither away and die. Are you killing the love without knowing it? If you recognize your relationship in this list it may be time to change!

LACK OF COMMUNICATION A healthy relationship requires communication. You should care enough about your mate to have confidence that you can communicate without conflict. How does that happen? You must listen, understand and validate the other persons’ point of view. The happiest couples overlook the small things they don't like about their partner and focus more on what they love about them! Too often couples will get into a habit of focusing on the negative rather than the positive. Instead of telling him what's wrong with him or the relationship make it a habit, before going to sleep at night, of telling him something he did that day that made you feel loved and appreciated.

YOU DON’T MAKE YOUR PARTNER A PRIORITY  You may find that once the initial passion and connection is gone, and you are truly a “couple”, that other obligations begin to take priority.  Mundane things like work, kids, financial issues and other emotionally challenging problems may begin to take all of your time and energy.  To have a good, healthy relationship you must take time of your day to re-connect with your partner.  That means making them a priority and disregarding other things to have a real conversation with your mate.  Take an interest in how his day went, how he is feeling and show him “a little love”.  Listening, showing empathy and caring while tuning out everyone else makes him a priority again. 

INTIMACY STOPS  However long you’ve been together doesn’t matter when it comes to intimacy.  In the beginning you couldn’t stay away or stop touching each other but now you may have fallen into the habit of doing your own thing without regards to staying connected to your mate.  Don’t forget to hug, kiss, cuddle, hold hands and give plenty of physical touch to keep you both attached and emotionally bonded.  

HE STOPS BEING YOUR “RIDE OR DIE” MATE  Having each other’s back is one of the reasons you WANT to be in a relationship.  Knowing there is someone on your team that you can always count on is important to the success of your relationship.  It is that unified team that stands in an “us against the world” relationship that creates the safety and security in your relationship.  

YOU ARE NOT A TEAM  You wanted someone on your team but rather than honor that decision you begin making decisions alone and without your partner’s knowledge and/or consent. Whether it’s a big girls’ weekend, making a large purchase, making plans with family or anything else that will affect your mate it’s crucial to consult with them first.  They are your teammate and what you do impacts them.  Show that you care about them, and their opinion and approval, by discussing things BEFORE you make unilateral decisions.

Shift your awareness to positive affirmations and beliefs and it will change your inner world and positively affect your outer world. These meditations are designed to connect you to your partner.