Men surveyed say it isn’t about the sexy appearance of a women that turns them on as much as the following personality traits. Physical attraction is a good start but it isn’t going to keep him hooked forever.  These traits just may….

1)    INDEPENDENCE  Men love it when a woman has her own life and world and doesn’t depend on him to be by her side 24/7 because she’s co-dependent.  They want a woman who loves her world and, although she desires a mate, doesn’t just need someone (anyone) to fill the role of mate.  They feel special when they are chosen if they think the woman can live without him IF he isn’t the “right” one.  It makes them try harder to please her and be a good partner.

2)   CONFIDENCE  There is nothing sexier than a confident person! That means that you’re comfortable in your own skin and, while you have imperfections as we all do, you don’t let them make you feel less beautiful.  Men say a woman who walks into a room with confidence, whether she rates a 10 or a 2, will get their attention over someone more beautiful but less confident.  When you know who you are, love who you are and value yourself as a woman you exude a confidence that radiates sexy.

3)   BOUNDARIES  Believe it or not men don’t want to take advantage of women and have them accept their bad behavior.  They want a woman who says “hey, not so fast buddy you aren’t putting it over on me” and is willing to walk away from the relationship if their mate doesn’t treat her right.  Women who become doormats lose the attention and respect of their partners and it’s difficult to get it back.  Set your boundaries early and let him know when he’s crossed them.  He will love it that you love yourself to do it and he will find it super sexy and hot.

4)   HONESTY  Playing games is best kept in the bedroom and not in a relationship.  Be honest about who you are, what you want in your relationship, what you expect from him and all other things big and small.  Hate football?  Don’t pretend to love it because he’s a football addict.  Let him know you’re only there because of him and he will love you more.  An honest woman is a confident, secure woman and there is nothing hotter.

5)   OPINIONATED  You don’t need to voice your opinion non-stop but don’t be afraid to upset the status quo by keeping your opinions to yourself.  Voice your concerns in the relationship, tell him he would look better in a different shirt, let him know when he’s displeased you BUT do it in a kind manner.  Be “kind, honest and specific” when voicing your opinion and then LET IT GO.  Harping on a subject will drive him nuts and away from you.  Having an honest opinion, even if it is totally opposite from his, is respected and sexy.

6)   SENSE OF HUMOR  Laughing in a relationship is the key to a longlasting future together.  Whether it’s big or small, at yourself or at something silly, laughter makes the relationship last.  Women who take themselves too seriously are a turnoff.  Women who enjoy being silly or outrageous are a turn-on.

7)   AFFECTIONATE  A touch, a hug, a kiss, holding his hand or any form of touching is the biggest turn-on for your guy!  Men say they love it when their mate reaches out to them and makes them feel desirable.  Don’t always wait for him to be the one to show affection.  Let him know you can’t keep your hands off him, in a non-sexual way, and he will be putty in your hands.  Men see affectionate women as confident women!

8)   POSITIVITY  Men interviewed say that women who look for the positive are much sexier than the women who try to be sexy.  While the elusive, brooding women in movies may look sexy it’s the positive nature in women that men can’t resist.  That woman who looks at the bright side of things, doesn’t go to the dark side (at least very often), talks about the positive things in the relationship and looks for the good in others exudes sexiness.  Having issues with your mate?  Spend 24 hours finding the positive in him and share those things with him (not all at once) and he will be putty in your sexy hands.

9)   FRIENDLY  A man wants a woman that his friend’s want to be around. If he loves you he will tell his friends all about your greatness because he wants to pave the way for them to like you.  Being open, friendly and engaging makes a man proud to be with you.  Whether it’s around men or other women don’t let your insecurities or jealousy out.  Friendly women aren’t afraid of other pretty, confident women because they are right there with them.

10) BOLD  Do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do and be open to new adventures. Men say they find boldness in women a sexy and endearing trait.  Trust that he wouldn’t ask you to do something that would jeopardize your life and be adventurous enough to try new and different things.  Being a sex goddess in his eyes makes it worthwhile! 

attract men using psychic/remote seduction


1.  Get into a relaxed state of mind and try to get your mind into the alpha state.  It is the perfect state of mind because you're able to tap into the universal energy.

2.  When you connect with your POI take your time to engage all of your senses.  Touch them, feel them, smell them and make the encounter as real as possible.

3.  Your POI will begin to feel powerful emotions toward you so treat them as you normally would.  Don't be coy, flirtatious, aggressive or anything out of the ordinary.  Give them time to react to their emotions without "pushing the boundaries".

4.  Get yourself aroused as well as your POI because that proves you are really connected.  Just as you can have an orgasm in your sleep, just by the power of your mind, you can get aroused enough during your visualization to really FEEL as if the encounter were real.

5.  After the visualization take time to bask in their energy, breathe in their essence, cuddle, kiss and bond.  Why?  You want more than a booty call so this ensures that they are emotionally attached.

6.  Remote seduction creates a bond between you and your POI that is like the feeling of "falling in love".  If you believe it's working, and it is, then you should not let fear and doubt creep in.  

7.  You will be a magnet to all men so ENJOY IT!  Women should love the attention of the opposite sex as much as men love giving it.  Don't sit around sad-faced because your POI isn't beating down your door.  Enjoy the attention of others while you wait for him to react.

8.  You'll get faster results if you use my guided BWD meditation because you will get into the magical manifesting faster, deeper and longer than trying to do it on your own.

Reverse Remote Seduction

Reverse Remote Seduction

If you are not seeing results using remote seduction then perhaps you need to change things up a bit and reverse it.  Sometimes when you desire something with all your might but haven't received it the reason is you are subconsciously pushing it away.  

Reverse seduction simply means that rather than you going through the entire sequence of steps in the previous post you would only get down through the 3rd step and then you would back away.  In your visualization your POI would be very aroused, ready to make love, desiring you almost to the point of no return and you would stop the person from continuing.

You can do this by gently pushing them away, walking away from them, telling them to stop or any number of ways.  If you want a guided meditation you can easily follow please check out the meditation store for "reverse remote seduction".  This technique will keep your man in the desiring you phase and he will definitely feel the attraction.  No man likes to be told "no".

Why do this technique?  When all else fails I have found this technique to work miracles.  When you have resistance with remote seduction it may be that they feel too much internal and unconscious pressure.  This allows them to be in charge -- to a point!  ;-)






  • You dated someone for two months before breaking up and then you chase him for the next six months or more;
  • After two dates you're already telling him you love him and began mentally planning the wedding;
  • None of your friends want to be around you because all you talk about is your current love (which seems to change regularly);
  •  You're there for him 24/7 regardless of how little interest he shows;
  • You wait for an invitation all week and find yourself alone on weekends because he hasn't made plans with you;
  • You initiate contact and he responds when he wants OR with vague messages;
  •  When he asks what you would like to do you tell him "whatever you would like" rather than express any desire whatsoever;
  •  You make excuses for his poor treatment of you;
  • You tell others (and believe) that he loves you too much and that's why he doesn't contact you;
  • You explain his lack of commitment is because he is afraid of being hurt rather than admit it is because "he isn't that into you";
  • You believe he is the "love of your life" when he is done little or nothing to show love to you;
  • If you break up he comes back and you welcome him home as his "fall back" girl until he leaves again;
  • You fear telling him no because you're afraid he will leave and never come back;You treat him like a king while your self-confidence has been destroyed.





  • You have no problem expressing yourself and your desires;
  • You know you're a catch and you deserve to be treated with love, kindness and respect;
  • You would never allow yourself to be waiting around to see if someone is going to call because you have a life to live and you live it to THE fullest;
  • If someone says "I need time apart" you view it as an opportunity to meet new people;
  • You deserve love and commitment and you don't settle for less;
  • If your mate says he wants a relationship break you let him go knowing that he will be back;
  • You don't need to pressure a man because they WANT to be with you and admire your strength, self-esteem and determination;
  • Men love to be around you because you are not clingy and they don't feel smothered;
  • You believe in a "win/win" way to resolve issues and don't rehash the same argument over and over again;
  • You don't lose your confidence because he seems noncommittal and don't place all your worth on the opinion of one man (or woman);
  • You are too busy living your wonderful life to creep on someone's social media;
  • It takes a while to win your heart because you view yourself with high regard and as a "prize" and don't give away your affection to just anyone;
  • You desire to be in a relationship that's healthy and would not settle for one that isn't;
  • You let no man control you BUT you are willing to be an equal partner;
  • Not just anyone can pass your relationship criteria but when they do they appreciate your loyalty, love and devotion
  • Only you can decide which one you are AND what you would choose to be!   I write relationship books for women who desire to be empowered and free from issues that have plagued them in the past.


Manifest Love

Manifest Love


Learn to Manifest Love

with a powerful LOVE SPELL!

My book will teach you the Law of Attraction, the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and a Love Spell to supercharge your love life.  If you want to change your current reality, and create a life you've only dreamed possible, please check out my new book that was released on Valentine's Day!

I have been counseling women for 20+ years and there hasn't been one of them who hasn't benefited from my techniques.  If you are open to change, desire love in your life, and want to live an empowered and "magical" life   ---  now is the time to start.

Manifesting Love:  Using the Power of "LOA", "EFT" and a "Love Spell" 

Also, my meditations are great to get you into the magical world of the "alpha state" of mind where it is easy and effortless to manifest your desires.


New Book Release

New Book Release



What is the new book about?  The mistakes women make after a breakup, whether it has been a while or was recent, are so numerous that I wanted to guide you through the process.  I don't want you to alienate your man until he blocks you out of his life for good.  The book can assist you even if it is an old heartache but especially if you are in the middle of a nasty breakup.

Ten chapters of empowerment for you include:

  •  Why no contact?
  •   Why there is a good chance if he loved you once he will love you again
  •   Why remaining friends is not recommended
  •   How to stay strong
  •   Whether he is worth the effort
  •   First contact, what to do, how to act
  •   Getting him to commit  --  after all, you don't want the same selfish man back!

I think you will enjoy the book!  Check out my meditations if you haven't gone to my website yet!  From remote seduction to weight loss and orgasms (yes, there is even one for that) you will find a plethora of subjects to empower you!

If you haven't read my best selling books "Pussy Whip" or "How to Make Him Burn With Desire" they are must reads!  There is nothing more powerful than my secret technique that I teach you in my books.  It is the Law of Attraction on steroids with very specific directions.

I can't wait to read your success stories and feedback on my new book!

Join my forum for excellent support and advice!  LANIE'S FORUM "FOR WOMEN ONLY"


New Year Resolution -  Focus On YOU!

New Year Resolution - Focus On YOU!


If you are hung up on your "ex" whether it was your love, your boyfriend or your husband NOW is the time to move forward.  The new year is an excellent time to "Cut the Cord" with him and attract positive things in your life.

I am a relationship expert and I have counseled thousands of women all wanting the same thing.  LOVE!  I deal with broken hearts and women who have lost all hope of getting their "ex" back or finding new love.  Women who have put 100% of their effort into their relationship and given total control of their lives up to their mates.  Honestly, think about this for a moment....would you desire someone who clung to you like they would die if you were out of their sight?  Would that make you want to be with them more or less?  It may feel good at first but then you would feel smothered, irritated and stuck.  Being needy is not an attractive trait from either side.  Let's break the neediness and replace it with a new, powerful YOU!

My suggestion for the new year is for ALL women who have been mourning the loss of a mate to move forward in 2017.  Don't allow yourself to be stuck thinking about someone 24/7 because when you do it means that they are still in control.  You are at a distinct disadvantage because they are living their life, enjoying their life and you are miserable and stuck in the past.  There is no bigger waste of energy than to focus on the past.  You cannot change it!  The only moment in time that you have control over is this very second so make the most of it.

I challenge you to focus on YOU right now!  Focus on getting healthy, losing a few extra pounds or getting in shape, meeting new friends or potential partners, changing your wardrobe, your job, your hairstyle, your makeup and your life.  Stop focusing on all the things you don't have and feel gratitude for the things you do have!  Take a few minutes every day to meditate and feel the peaceful state of total relaxation to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.  If you like guided meditations go to my website and check out meditations designed to empower women specifically.  Everything from losing weight, creating health to controlling the "ex" through specific, targeted visualizations that will make him literally feel you as clearly as if you were whispering in his ear.

New year and new YOU!  The powerful, wonderful, strong and desirable woman that every man would be lucky to have.  Happy New Year!


Get Your Sexy Back!

Get Your Sexy Back!


Are you in a sexual rut?  Feeling like sex is the last thing on your mind?  You can change that today by easily and effectively changing the way you think.  Sure, that sounds too good to be true and too easy but it isn't.

Your mind is a powerful tool and with my meditations/hypnosis MP3s available on my website you can get your sexy back in no time at all.  In fact, one session will start you on a new direction.  Orgasm?  Overcoming frigidity?  Remote Seduction?  Lack of confidence?  It happens to us all but you have the power and ability to go from "hot mess to GODDESS" in just a matter of minutes.

Your sexual attraction begins in your mind and the way you mentally see yourself.  Programming your mind is so easy to do BUT it is difficult to accomplish on your own.  Your subconscious mind desires for you to be what you see yourself to be but when you are feeding it negative thoughts it produces negative results.

There are over 40 meditations designed to empower you, make you feel sexy and desirable, change your relationships, control your man, attract money, lift your spirits and turn you into a LOVE GODDESS on my website.  Is it worth a few minutes a day to feel like a hot, sexy, desirable babe again?  ;-)


Relationship Mistakes Women Make

Relationship Mistakes Women Make


You know the saying "all is fair in love and war" but it seems to me, after 20 years of counseling women, that women can be their own worse enemy when it comes to relationships.  Do you see yourself in the following examples?

  • Your mate says "you're too needy" and rather than back off and prove that you are an independent woman you stalk him which further alienates him.
  • Your ex states that he "hates drama" so you throw a temper tantrum when he blocks you from social media and his phone after a nasty breakup.
  • He says "I want to date other women" and you make the excuse that he loves you too much and is afraid of commitment so he gets a free pass while you sit at home alone and miserable.
  • He tells you that he cares for you as a "friend with benefits" woman and, although you want an engagement ring, you agree to be that for him thinking you can change his mind in time.
  • He may be honest and upfront by stating that "he never wants to get married" but you are positive that sex will be so awesome he will change his mind so you stay in a relationship for years and "waste your pretty" on him rather than find a man who is available.
  • When he tells you all the things that are wrong with you (or the relationship) you try convincing him that you are "the perfect woman for him" and he could never find anyone who would love him more.

Women love to make over things so part of the problem is the challenge of getting someone to change.  How many of your friends (or even yourself) have said "with a different hairstyle, clothes, personality, money, sexual appeal, etc." he COULD BE the perfect mate.  He isn't at the moment but if he changes he has potential!

When a man states emphatically that the relationship is not going anywhere I beg you to listen to him.  In the off-chance that he does change his mind he will hunt you down and crawl on his hands and knees to propose to you.  But, don't hold your breath.  Why?  One big reason is that men do not respect women and hold them in high regard if they do not have self-esteem.

Let's be truthful, if you have self-esteem you will not allow a man to treat you disrespectfully and/or take up your precious time to be a play toy.  You are honest and upfront and have no hidden agenda.  If you desire a monogamous relationship you won't settle for less.  If you desire marriage you don't pretend to be a free spirit who never wants to be tied down.  In other words, you are the person you are and you are proud of it!  He will always know what your standards are and that you will never be a doormat for him, or anyone else.

I write books about relationships but I have counseled women for many years on relationships, law of attraction, self-esteem issues and empowerment.  If you want to learn more about any of these subjects I hope you will go to my website because between my books and meditations you will find yourself growing stronger and more powerful day-to-day.   Do it for yourself but remember that "men love women who love themselves".


Psychic Touch--Can It Sexually Stimulate?

Psychic Touch--Can It Sexually Stimulate?


Psychic Touch is real and it works!  It is the art of getting yourself into a relaxed, meditative state of mind (alpha state) and visualizing and imagining the person you desire in an intimate scenario.  It absolutely and totally works and they feel you, think of you and they desire you.  Best of all, they believe the thoughts are originating within them and have no idea you are controlling it!   Remote Seduction Meditation

It is no secret that our thoughts are projected to others.  Think of how many times you think of someone then run into them or have them call or text.  You were unintentionally messaging each other and projecting your thoughts ahead of your actions.  When you use Psychic Touch there will frequently be a feeling of "actual" sexual intimacy between both partners.  It is so real, so intimate that it is second only to an actual sexual encounter.

My books teach you how use a secret technique to engage your partner and it intensifies the effect 1,000 more than just a single, solitary thought.  Using my technique before visualizing touching, kissing and caressing you partner will absolutely drive them wild with passion.  You want him to desire you?  Stimulate him and make him desire you through the power of your wonderful, passionate thoughts.

Never underestimate the power of your mind.  Learn how to reach your partner any time of the day or night and have them think of you---and only you!  Learn Psychic Touch from a person who has practiced it for 20 years and is a master at Remote Seduction.    "How To Make Him Burn With Desire"

Spice Up Your Sex Life

Spice Up Your Sex Life


I taught you in my books "Pussy Whip" and "How to Make Him BURN" the techniques to contact your man with your mind but you can also spice up your sex life the same way.  Sure it's great to get yourself hot looking and men are very visual but they are also very mental.  One of the best ways to enhance your sex life is to send your guy messages throughout the day that he receives in a most unusual way.  No, not texting or sexting!

Use the power of your mind to contact your man and visualize yourself being intimate, sexual, sensual and erotic with him.  Hey, don't laugh!  Your mind is the most powerful organ in your body and it has the power and ability to contact anyone at anytime.  I'm sure you have experienced thinking of someone just seconds before your phone rings.  They were thinking of you and sending you waves of energy that you picked up.

Now imagine the power of your mind when you actually intentionally direct your thoughts to someone.  They have no ability to stop your message and it will arrive with an added benefit.....EMOTION!  Don't believe me?  Go read the posts on my FORUM and you be amazed at the number of women who have used my "secret technique" and have had great success.  Or, go to another forum I am only a member of named LIPSTICK ALLEY and there are over 100,000 women who have read the posts.  Trust me, I do not exaggerate and you can read the facts on these forums or on my amazon.com page.

So spice up your love life by having a little foreplay BEFORE he comes to pick you up for a date or gets home from work and see how much desire he has for you!  Don't let your relationship get boring and old.  Give him a wave of energy sure to make him fall more in love with you as you take control of your hotness and your man!

"Love at First Site" Technique

"Love at First Site" Technique


Can you really make someone fall in love with you at first sight?  In a way, yes.  You can create a feeling of love, lust and a "head over heels" feeling when you first meet someone. You can give them the feeling of butterflies and make their heart pitter patter!

How?  There are two ways to do it and they can be used on a stranger or on your mate to ignite passion and the feeling of "falling in love" all over again.

  1.  First of all, look into the person's eyes.  Not casually looking at them or glancing around the room like you're paying attention to them part of the time.  But really, really look into their eyes as if you can see deep into their soul.  This creates a feeling of excitement and expectation in the person you are looking at.  They actually feel a feeling that is akin to love.  As if they have known you forever....or want to know you forever!  It gives them butterflies and anticipation of what's to come!  An excitement that will stay in their memory banks forever.
  2. Next, as you are gazing into their eyes and hanging onto every word send them thoughts that will bond them to you and want to know you like they have never wanted to know anyone before.  How do you do that?  While paying attention ONLY to their eyes (not nose, mouth, forehead, etc) think the thought that you want them to think and feel the feelings you want them to feel.  For instance, you want them to want you sexually?  Think the thought "you desire me" and feel the emotion of being desired.  You want them to think you are the hottest person alive?  Think the thought "you love the way I look" and feel the emotion of them admiring your appearance.  Have an adversary?  When you speak to them think the thought "you like me" and change your attitude about their feelings toward you to reflect the thought.  Watch your life change!  "Thoughts are things and they are powerful!"

I teach women all over the world to change their mate's actions, thoughts and feelings towards them with my books.  I also have meditations that will empower you and assist you in getting the man you want AND make your self-esteem skyrocket.

Take a look at my website and meditations.  Your life will never be the same!


Attract Your "EX" Back

Attract Your "EX" Back


I don't know why women want their "ex" back to be honest but I was one of the ones who did and I got him back using my "secret technique".  If things were that great to begin with there wouldn't have been a breakup but the minute he's gone women go insane until he comes back.  Is there a way to get him back without groveling, chasing and humiliating yourself?  Absolutely!

I write books to empower women and although the titles are salacious they are really about the power of the mind and using the Law of Attraction.  Sounds simple doesn't it?  Either simple or insane!  Using your mind to get your man back!  Lanie, are you serious?  Until you try my "secret technique" you will never, ever believe what you can do with it.

If you want your "ex" to come crawling back or if you want your current mate to change his behavior you absolutely can change his behavior AND his thoughts.  I am not making this up nor am I exaggerating the results.  Go to my website and read for yourself from forum members and they will confirm what I am telling you.  Lanie's Forum

In my book Pussy Whip - Proven, Powerful "Secret Technique" Controls Your Man I tell you exactly the simple steps to get your man back.  Would I call it a "trick" necessarily?  No, but it is a powerful method that may seem like one.  The fact is that it works!  But don't just take my word for it.  Read the Amazon reviews, go to the forum, try it and if you find it doesn't work get a refund for the book.  You have 7 days to do it (although I don't think you will).  :-)  That's pretty cool!

If you want to learn how to instantly manifest and get into the "magical subconscious state of mind" try my meditations.  They will take you deep into a place where anything and everything can be manifested because you are in a relaxed, peaceful, manifesting mode.  They will make things happen faster and empower you in many ways!  

My goal is to help women and teach them to never, ever feel sad, depressed or victimized.  You can control your future, your mate and his thoughts and feelings.  I hope you will take the opportunity to re-direct your life.  It is more simple than you can imagine!  Power and love to my "sisters"!

Powerful Remote Seduction MP3

Remote seduction is using the power of your mind and intent to contact the person you desire.  Just a thought will rarely work but when you get into a deep, meditative state of mind (the manifesting state of mind) and contact the person using my "secret technique" it will instantly work like magic.  No other technique can do what mine but you have to try it to believe it!

This is from an email I received today from a reader of my book How to Make Him BURN With Desire...Only for YOU.  I don't think she will mind if I post her email because I will leave her name private.  This is a sample of emails that I receive daily from women all over the world!

"Hello. I stumbled upon your 3 series books and was surprised when I reached the section of the mind power (I stared with Make Him Burn with Desire). This was/is different than any of the other 50+ books that I read about getting, then keeping my new boyfriend, bringing him back after he drifted due to a "hiccup" last Thursday. He barely spoke to me for three days.

So all that to say, that I did your exercises, the visualization and all, three times this past Sunday. By Monday he was calling me as a different man. Begging to come over and when he did, we barely got out of bed for two days and it was much more than just sex. We had the deepest connection since our relationship began and it is incredible.

I don't fully understand your methods, but you made a believer out of me. And I just wanted to say - THANK YOU! You gave me hope when I was hopeless and you very well may have saved our relationship."

The power of the mind is truly incredible and I teach you how to use it in an effective and powerful manner.  No other book will teach you what I teach you and no other guided meditation will have the power and ability to immediately contact the person you desire to get in touch with.  My technique is unique in every way!




Don't Force Commitment

Don't Force Commitment


Men hate to be controlled and forced to commit! I mean they are more afraid of commitment than death. They try to hold onto their freedom just as long as humanly possible before they decide they have too much to lose if they don’t commit to that “special woman”. But it isn’t usually the woman who manipulates him into a relationship that he didn’t really want that he ends up with. In fact, although he may make promises to her out of a temporary fear of loss, he rarely keeps the coerced promises. Instead he begins to feel smothered, like he can’t breathe, before he escapes with his life. There is an easier way to control him ladies!

I get desperate letters from women because they are afraid their men are going to leave them or desperate pleas to help them because the guy just ran for the hills. I can usually pinpoint the problem within a few sentences and it is almost always the same. Desperation and neediness in a woman is a turn-off to guys. Too often women have coerced men into saying things they weren’t ready to say. Sure, the guys could have just avoided making promises they didn’t intend to keep but they rarely do. In a guy’s mind he wants to make sure it ISN’T the right woman and to do that he needs proof. So he starts looking for reasons that the demanding woman is not “the one”. Just the opposite of the intended purpose.

Reasons he may not commit: He says “I just want to be friends with benefits” and you coerce him into a “monogamous” relationship. He doesn’t want to move in together and has a hundred reasons why it isn’t a good idea but you wear him down until he moves in (for a while). He says “I need more freedom” and you think it’s a compromise to let him have one night a month “out with the boys”. He tells you all the reasons it will never work between the two of you but you aren’t listening because you are busy selling him on all of your “qualities”. He does everything in his power to get you to break up with him because he’s a “bad boy” and you think it’s a good thing that you have “patience and understanding”.

Face facts, men are natural born hunters and if they want something they will work on getting it. If you are having to convince your man that you’re worth the constant “relationship talks” then he is trying to find the nearest exit. It is rarely too late to salvage a relationship but you can save yourself the trouble of doing it if you will just listen to what he is saying and watch what he is doing. Don’t try to force a relationship that is obviously one-sided. Chasing a guy will make him run faster! There is a better and more effective way, ladies!

You can use my secret technique Pussy Whip – Proven, Powerful “Secret” Technique Controls Your Man to get him to chase you and want commitment and it works much better than you handcuffing him to you and your relationship. Try a new tactic on him using the power of your mind and my secret technique and you will see a definite change in his attitude toward you and your future together. It’s never too late!

Negative "Nelly"...

Negative "Nelly"...


Are you a person who attracts negative events, circumstances and people into your life?  Do you find that for every positive thing you say or think there are ten others that are negative?  Are you a victim of your own critical and negative thought patterns but fail to see how this is affecting you?  Do you consider yourself "down on your luck" more often than not?  Do you feel the world conspires against you making you a constant victim?

If you look around you will see the true state of your inner belief system.  If your life isn't the way you envisioned it would turn out it could be because you continually sabotage your innermost desires.  "You are what you think" is a true statement.  If you believe that only bad things happen to you then of course that's what you will attract.  Everything in life vibrates to a certain frequency.  Positive thought vibrations will attract wonderful and beautiful things into your life.  Focus on negativity and you will feel the difference both physically and mentally.

How to change your life by changing your thoughts is not a new concept.  I have personally watched negative thoughts become like a cancer permeating and/or destroying everything in its' path.  To change your outer world you must first change your thought and belief process.  Replacing old thought patterns can be a challenge initially but it is worth it.  To consciously dwell on things you don't desire in your life is attracting them to you like magnets.  Break the habit of negativity and dwelling on things you don't want and watch you life change dramatically.

Negative thoughts can be a "one bad apple spoils the whole bunch" analogy.  All of the good, positive and high vibrational thoughts can easily be replaced with cancerous negative thoughts if you do not remain vigil in policing your thoughts.  When a negative thought appears be aware of it and replace it with something positive and uplifting.  The women on my forum (and myself) use affirmations on an hourly basis to reinforce the positive and diminish the negative.  Once you become accustomed to shifting your awareness consciously you may not need reminders but it's good to establish a ritual and a habit.

Not only are "Negative Nellys" unpleasant to be around but they can drain you quickly.  I have a friend who is the perfect example of one and she has the ability to drain me if I spend time around her.  It doesn't matter how positive and upbeat you are it is difficult to maintain under a constant barrage of negativity.  I suggest if you are unable to direct someone's attention to something positive that you disengage with them rather than poisoning yourself with their negativity.  Change your vibration and life by changing your thoughts.  Say to yourself hourly "Isn't life wonderful?"  Watch it change!

Are you a creeper?

Are you a creeper?


Yes, women do it all the time.  We creep!  We create accounts online that are fake, or get our friends to do it, so we can creep on the ex without his knowledge.  When I was broken up I got on match.com just to creep on my ex.  Of course, I really didn't get to use my account because I had to stay hidden or pay extra so he couldn't see me looking at him.  Once I accidentally had my profile turned on and he saw it --- how humiliating.

I wonder why men don't spend their time stalking us?  Well, for the most part anyway.  I had an ex "John" who actually hired a private detective and tracked  me down while I was out of the state.  I had a PI (not a good-looking one like Magnum) show up at a remote location in the mountains with a fake clipboard in his hand asking silly questions about non-existent neighbors.  Poor John.  He was the ultimate "creeper".  He slept outside my house one night and I was walking to the street to get my garbage receptacle the next morning when I saw a car (a rental) parked across the street.  The windows were rolled down and I kept seeing a head pop up and down.  Curiosity got the best of me so I went over to the car and sure enough up popped John.  He was in the backseat and looked like he had a rough night trying to sleep in that tiny car.

I suppose the person who cares the most is usually the "creeper".  In John's case it was me who left so I get it.  One night I found him  hiding behind a bush that was the size of a small ficus tree.  It was 2AM and I saw someone crouching down with sunglasses and a baseball cap on.   When I saw him he began chasing me down the street like a 2 year old.  I didn't realize he could run that fast!

I  kept telling him to give up but he wouldn't do it!  He thought there was hope because I was nice to him but I was nice to him because I was over him.  Is that the curse of being nice to someone that you lead them into believing they have a chance?  Is your boyfriend being nice to you and leading you into believing that he will be back?  Only you know the answer but my advice to you is to step back and evaluate the situation before forcing yourself on him.  "Don't be a creeper".

It is horrible for the person being stalked because they feel trapped--- trapped and pissed.  Anger is not the emotion you want to evoke if you want your ex back.  I was so angry that I could have choked John but instead ended up calling the police for protection.  How do you know if you are the "creeper"?  Well, if you are planning ways to "run into" him, devising a plan to accidentally send him a text message, checking out his friend's FB account hoping you will see a pic of him (because he blocked you from his), going to his hangout with your girlfriends for support, thinking of reasons you need to get something you "left accidentally" at his place -- you're a creeper.

My advice is to move on and let him go -- for now!  You can send him messages the way I teach in my books and know that they will get to him faster and better than accidental text messages where you are pretending to be having such a fabulous time.  You know, the pic of you and your single girlfriends at HH trying to live it up and exude confidence.  When you move on you will actually get your power back and have fun without pretending!   When he truly and accidentally runs into the new, powerful and confident "you" that he fell in love with it will make him miss you and see you in an entirely different light.  Isn't that what you secretly long for?


Booty Call or Love?

Booty Call or Love?


You know you have the ability to choose which one you desire in your life.  Too many women believe that a booty call is the first step to getting the guy emotionally involved but they have nothing to do with one another.  Some of the best "pure sex" does not lead to love and some of the "least inventive" sex can lead to deep emotional attachment.  It's all a matter of the heart.

I answer questions daily from readers who want to know if they should continue having sex with their ex while trying to get a commitment out of him.  If a guy has a willing sex partner who requires nothing more from him than an occasional "date" or "hookup" isn't it logical that he will take you up on the offer as frequently as he desires?  If that is not what you are seeking and desiring then you will need to decide if you want to continue being his friend with benefits.  I know women enjoy the benefits as much as the men but if you're using sex as a way to get a commitment you may re-think that decision.

I didn't see my now fiancé' for an entire year after our 4 year relationship cratered.  Why did we break up?  Well, I think his freedom was too much of a priority and I'm sure he will admit it freely.  I wasn't willing to be tossed aside only to get together occasionally for a sexual relationship.  Not for me, sorry.  So we didn't talk for an entire year!  No texts, no emails, no contact.  I did, however, use my "secret technique" on him during that time to ensure that he didn't forget about me.  Nothing wrong with some specific, directed thoughts that I knew he would receive.  He proposed 3 weeks after we saw each other again.

My point?  Don't settle for less than you deserve.  If you break up and he states clearly that he wants to continue with the "booty call" but nothing else see it for what it is and break it off if you want more.  There is nothing worse for your self-esteem than constant rejection and  hoping for commitment.  It is easier and healthier for you to be upfront with him and state what it is you need and desire.  Hear what he has to say to you about your needs and don't filter it and only hear what you want to hear.  For instance:  if he says "I don't want a relationship" don't make excuses for him and turn that into "he loves me too much and is afraid".  No!  Take it  as "I don't want a relationship....(maybe with you)".  Yes, it hurts!  But it's better to move on and find someone that does want a relationship with you.

I'm sure most women can relate to the "booty call" boyfriend and it leaves a very empty, vacant, low self-esteem feeling that can easily be recounted years later.  However, we've all experienced the empowerment of not accepting less than we desire in our life, too.  Is there anything better than taking back the control and moving on if that's what is necessary?  Men, or people in general, will only respect you as much as you respect and honor yourself.  Playing games isn't going to get you a strong, lasting relationship.  Be honest, sincere and decide your course of action with your eyes wide open.  "Booty Call" or significant other...you get to make that decision.


Should You Let Go of Your Ex?

Should You Let Go of Your Ex?


I wish I could count the number of times I have been asked about when to let go of your "ex"....or, whether you should let go or not.  I write books on attracting your "ex" or any man into your life and they absolutely, totally work.  However, if you have a man who shows no interest in you, you have to track down and chase, he only wants a "booty call" or keeps you hanging on with empty promises is that a question you should be asking?  Is attracting back your "ex" who appears to care less really worth your time and energy?  I can only answer for myself but that would be a HELL NO.

I tell my readers that if you have to spend all of your time, energy and effort on getting a guy back who acts like he could take you or leave you and not care either way then dump him!  Even though you can put thoughts and feelings into his head with my "secret technique" it will be a full-time job for you and eventually you will just have to throw up your hands and give up.  There are too many awesome men out there to waste time pining and whining over the loss of one man.  I don't care how "wonderful, fabulous, irreplaceable" he is in your head.  If he was such a great guy he wouldn't be dismissing you and treating you exactly the way YOU DO NOT DESERVE to be treated would he?

Women say about their ex "I can't live without him" or "he is the love of my life" but if he treats you poorly there isn't much there to love is there?  Men tend to remember the bad things in a past relationship and women remember only the good.  Women don't remember how poorly or dismissive they were treated.  Sometimes it is a wake-up call when you realize that it has been months since your ex had any connection to you or showed you the kindness and love you yearn for.   Sometimes you have to just let go and not have ANY expectation of him returning for him to feel it, miss the connection and come back.  It doesn't always work but I guarantee you that it works more often than sitting around looking at your phone and waiting for a non-existent phone call.  It certainly works better than stalking him, creeping on his FB or drunk dialing him only to be rebuffed again.  You want him?  Let him go and let him feel the loss.

Independence and strength in a woman is attractive and desirable to men.  Clingy, desperate, can't move forward, needy, jealous, low self-esteem women are a turn-off and men feel it, sense it, see it and RUN FROM IT.  You want to know when to let go of a man?  The minute he treats you the way you do not deserve to be treated.  No, I'm not talking about a little spat.  I am talking about on-going, continuous behavior from him that depletes your energy, trashes your self-esteem and makes you totally at his beck and call.  Cut the cord and he will feel it.  Otherwise you may become a back-up if nothing better shows up in his life and frankly who is the hell would want to be that?

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