GO TO:  Lanie's Official Website Law of Attraction is a powerful manifesting machine for money.  Money is like relationships or anything else you want to manifest in your life.  The best way to get it is to create it through your visualization and belief that you will have it.  Yes, I know you're rolling your eyes thinking "if it were that easy everyone would do it".  Surely there has to be more to it than that.  Not really.

I have a friend who has been in a financial and business rut for 5 years according to him.  I explained to him a few months ago about the Law of Attraction (LOA) and how he could change his business "bad luck" if he would just use it.  He's a worldly man but also a very spiritually enlightened one.  Good combo!  Anyway, he practiced it just the way I told him to do it.  Every night before sleep he would lie on his back, hands by his side, tell himself "sleep" three times to relax and visualize money.  Money can literally fall out of the sky, you can "see" a check being written and deposited into your bank account, or a yellow brick road that is paved with gold as you skip along the path.  Whatever you resonate with that will bring the emotion of and belief that "this is real" and it will happen.

Needless to say his financial problems are way better and he has opportunities that are falling into his lap -- literally.  He will move to an island sometime in the near future and he promised to build me my own paradise on it!  So creating money is as easy as creating anything else if you practice at manifesting.  If you are a naysayer who says "nah, this ain't gonna work" then guess what?  It ain't gonna work!  If you realize the power of manifestation and creation are within you guess what?  Right!  You will be dancing along a yellow golden road.  I understand that some people will think "she's nuts" and that's fine.  Because I will be nuts all the way to the bank.  I am like probably all the people reading the blog and I have been flat-ass broke before.  I didn't win the lottery to get out of the hole either.  I used LOA and manifested my life the way I desired it to be.  I would love to empower my readers to do the same.

I wrote "Pussy Whip" and titled it in a salacious manner to draw attention to manifesting.  In truth the book is not just about controlling your man -- it is about controlling your life.  Guess what is a big part of that life?  Yeah, money!  ;-)