If you are not seeing results using remote seduction then perhaps you need to change things up a bit and reverse it.  Sometimes when you desire something with all your might but haven't received it the reason is you are subconsciously pushing it away.  

Reverse seduction simply means that rather than you going through the entire sequence of steps in the previous post you would only get down through the 3rd step and then you would back away.  In your visualization your POI would be very aroused, ready to make love, desiring you almost to the point of no return and you would stop the person from continuing.

You can do this by gently pushing them away, walking away from them, telling them to stop or any number of ways.  If you want a guided meditation you can easily follow please check out the meditation store for "reverse remote seduction".  This technique will keep your man in the desiring you phase and he will definitely feel the attraction.  No man likes to be told "no".

Why do this technique?  When all else fails I have found this technique to work miracles.  When you have resistance with remote seduction it may be that they feel too much internal and unconscious pressure.  This allows them to be in charge -- to a point!  ;-)