Men surveyed say it isn’t about the sexy appearance of a women that turns them on as much as the following personality traits. Physical attraction is a good start but it isn’t going to keep him hooked forever.  These traits just may….

1)    INDEPENDENCE  Men love it when a woman has her own life and world and doesn’t depend on him to be by her side 24/7 because she’s co-dependent.  They want a woman who loves her world and, although she desires a mate, doesn’t just need someone (anyone) to fill the role of mate.  They feel special when they are chosen if they think the woman can live without him IF he isn’t the “right” one.  It makes them try harder to please her and be a good partner.

2)   CONFIDENCE  There is nothing sexier than a confident person! That means that you’re comfortable in your own skin and, while you have imperfections as we all do, you don’t let them make you feel less beautiful.  Men say a woman who walks into a room with confidence, whether she rates a 10 or a 2, will get their attention over someone more beautiful but less confident.  When you know who you are, love who you are and value yourself as a woman you exude a confidence that radiates sexy.

3)   BOUNDARIES  Believe it or not men don’t want to take advantage of women and have them accept their bad behavior.  They want a woman who says “hey, not so fast buddy you aren’t putting it over on me” and is willing to walk away from the relationship if their mate doesn’t treat her right.  Women who become doormats lose the attention and respect of their partners and it’s difficult to get it back.  Set your boundaries early and let him know when he’s crossed them.  He will love it that you love yourself to do it and he will find it super sexy and hot.

4)   HONESTY  Playing games is best kept in the bedroom and not in a relationship.  Be honest about who you are, what you want in your relationship, what you expect from him and all other things big and small.  Hate football?  Don’t pretend to love it because he’s a football addict.  Let him know you’re only there because of him and he will love you more.  An honest woman is a confident, secure woman and there is nothing hotter.

5)   OPINIONATED  You don’t need to voice your opinion non-stop but don’t be afraid to upset the status quo by keeping your opinions to yourself.  Voice your concerns in the relationship, tell him he would look better in a different shirt, let him know when he’s displeased you BUT do it in a kind manner.  Be “kind, honest and specific” when voicing your opinion and then LET IT GO.  Harping on a subject will drive him nuts and away from you.  Having an honest opinion, even if it is totally opposite from his, is respected and sexy.

6)   SENSE OF HUMOR  Laughing in a relationship is the key to a longlasting future together.  Whether it’s big or small, at yourself or at something silly, laughter makes the relationship last.  Women who take themselves too seriously are a turnoff.  Women who enjoy being silly or outrageous are a turn-on.

7)   AFFECTIONATE  A touch, a hug, a kiss, holding his hand or any form of touching is the biggest turn-on for your guy!  Men say they love it when their mate reaches out to them and makes them feel desirable.  Don’t always wait for him to be the one to show affection.  Let him know you can’t keep your hands off him, in a non-sexual way, and he will be putty in your hands.  Men see affectionate women as confident women!

8)   POSITIVITY  Men interviewed say that women who look for the positive are much sexier than the women who try to be sexy.  While the elusive, brooding women in movies may look sexy it’s the positive nature in women that men can’t resist.  That woman who looks at the bright side of things, doesn’t go to the dark side (at least very often), talks about the positive things in the relationship and looks for the good in others exudes sexiness.  Having issues with your mate?  Spend 24 hours finding the positive in him and share those things with him (not all at once) and he will be putty in your sexy hands.

9)   FRIENDLY  A man wants a woman that his friend’s want to be around. If he loves you he will tell his friends all about your greatness because he wants to pave the way for them to like you.  Being open, friendly and engaging makes a man proud to be with you.  Whether it’s around men or other women don’t let your insecurities or jealousy out.  Friendly women aren’t afraid of other pretty, confident women because they are right there with them.

10) BOLD  Do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do and be open to new adventures. Men say they find boldness in women a sexy and endearing trait.  Trust that he wouldn’t ask you to do something that would jeopardize your life and be adventurous enough to try new and different things.  Being a sex goddess in his eyes makes it worthwhile!