do these things to get your ex back



If your relationship has gone downhill and you are in the process of losing your partner OR have already broken it off you should read my book “Breakup to Makeup: How To Get Your Ex Back” to learn how to be strong and get him back where you want him.

You’ll be using my “secret technique” to get him back and that’s going to drive him crazy with thoughts of you. The following list will keep you sane while he’s being stubborn:

  1. WORK ON YOURSELF: He will be back and when he does come back you want to be the stronger, better version of yourself than when he left. Don’t do it just for him but focus on yourself and your self-esteem will begin to soar. When you feel like obsessing over him go the gym instead. When your mind heads straight to negativity and doubt — meditate! Do things for yourself that are soothing, comforting and empowering.

  2. PUT REMINDERS OUT OF SIGHT: You’re going to be using the “secret technique” to make him think of you but you don’t need to be focused on him 24/7. Put things that remind you of him away so you can focus on YOU and visualize and feel happiness. Stop following him on social media, don’t drive by his house or wear the perfume he gave you for your birthday.

  3. HAVE POSITIVE THOUGHTS: Hey, he feels your “vibe” because you have a special connection to him. If you’re sad, depressed, desperate and unhappy he’s going to feel it. So change your vibe into one of peace and positivity. The way he met you in the beginning! Trust me, he will feel it and he will react to it. There is nothing more attractive than a positive person and it will ignite feelings within him when he sees you at your emotional best!

  4. GO OUT ON A DATE: The best way to boost your confidence and get you into a happier frame of mind is to go out with another guy. You don’t need to have sexual intimacy but having a little fun will make you feel less needy and clingy. The less you care about the outcome of the breakup the more power you have! Don’t jump into a relationship but go have some fun with an adoring guy.

  5. REACH OUT: Just so you don’t go crazy with the thought of never hearing his voice again you can reach out (assuming he hasn’t done it yet) at the end of the 30 day detox period. Don’t reach out with messages: “what are you doing, who are you dating, do you miss me”….or any other questions that reek of desperation and loneliness. Reach out by sending him a casual, upbeat message sharing something that means something to the two of you. That lets him know that you’re strong and can “be friends” with him. Don’t lose it if he doesn’t respond quickly OR at all. If that happens don’t reach out again. The ball is in his court now. Only reach out if you think you can take the rejection (should that happen).

  6. MEETING HIM: If you or he wants to meet it should be a friendly vibe and not a date vibe. That takes the pressure off! Dress cute, act friendly and only slightly flirty and make it a daytime meeting if possible. Why? Daytime meetings have the friendship vibe and he won’t think you’re trying to get him back by luring him into the bedroom or getting drunk (and fighting or having sex). Absolutely, positively DO NOT bring up anything negative during this time. You don’t need to discuss the past or the future. It’s a reconnection and not a resurrection. Allow your relationship to grow and don’t try to force it!

  7. DON’T CLING: Don’t act as if you want to spend an entire evening with him in the beginning. Don’t ask anything about what he’s been doing AND if he mentions something that may trigger jealousy don’t dwell on it. Your high vibration and happiness will make him desire you even more. He may try to push some old buttons to see if they still work and when he doesn’t get a response he will be pleasantly surprised. Let him begin to pursue the beautiful, wonderful awesome YOU that he fell in love with!

I hope during your breakup you’ve been strong and have worked on the inner you. Just know that when you’re strong, have your own life, don’t NEED a relationship, feel happy and whole outside of your relationship with him or anyone else — you are going to either get your EX back or find someone even better. Be open to all possibilities!