You may be lucky enough to have the body of a goddess, the personality that captivates a room as well as an inner beauty that radiates as far away as Mars – you may be a true unicorn. But most of us are ordinary people who lack those traits and are mere mortals at best.

The good news is that whether you can charm everyone or not if you show emotional availability you become attractive to others.  Not just others as in “friends” but in potential partners.  Your vulnerability and availability on an emotional level shows that you desire to get to know someone better whether it’s as a friend, a romance or even a business partner.

So how can you show you’re open to love as well as long term friendships?  Your body language says it all!  Ever talk to someone and they stand there with their arms crossed, avoiding eye contact and with a slightly bored look on their faces?  Even worse, has that happened with your mate and you know they have tuned you out and are thinking of how to move to another subject or another room?  

Being open emotionally means you are ready for someone in your life to ADD to your happiness – not BE your happiness.  When you show your vulnerability and availability you immediately become very attractive to others.  They will want to be your friend, chase you to become a mate and trust you enough to be your business partner.  After all, everything isn’t about just love, it’s also about emotional connection.

When you show your openness to someone you look into their eyes, you show your interest in them when they speak, you stand with your arms open and uncrossed, you share with them rather than close yourself off.  Women who are married expect their mates to simply read their minds while shutting them out emotionally.  In the beginning of a relationship don’t be afraid to connect emotionally and share your thoughts on love and commitment.  Don’t pretend to be open to anything in love but have a hidden agenda. Be open and honest about your expectations.

 I counsel women who go on a few dates with someone, or meet them at a venue, and they pretend to be what they think the other person wants them to be.  An example is:  “I don’t ever want to get married or have children” when they want nothing more. Being available emotionally means being honest beginning from day one.  If you are both pretending (he may want the same thing you do) then you are starting out with incorrect information and you are setting yourself up for failure in the future.

If you would like to be more open emotionally and ready to attract love into your life the following meditations will work wonders for you.