look for love in the “right” places


most women look for love in all the wrong places and end up disappointed

There are so many women who choose the wrong mate, for the wrong reasons, met in the wrong places. Don’t be one of them! Let’s be honest, there are so many ways to meet men that there is no reason why you’re alone on a Saturday night if you choose not to be. Meeting a man is easy! Meeting the right man can be a challenge.

If you don’t want to have a FWB relationship perhaps you should delete your Tinder account and look at other options. Any app that relies on a few seconds of physical attraction to be the determining factor in what could lead to a “relationship” shouldn’t be taken as anything serious. It is what it is — a casual hookup. I’m not judging that to be wrong but if you’re on the market for a serious, monogamous and committed relationship maybe you should change how you go about it.

In the Law of Attraction there is a saying that “like attracts like” and it is 100% true. So most likely anyone you meet at places, or on apps that are obviously hookup places will be looking for the same thing. Not a problem if you want to simply hookup but a major problem if you don’t. You may be hoping that a casual sexual encounter will turn into a romantic marriage proposal in your heart-of-hearts. Very, very doubtful. You are in a place where you will end up in a convenient FWB relationship. Same goes true for bars that are known for single, mingle and sex — “like attracts like”.

So how do you find the quality of men that you deserve and desire? Hang out where they likely hang out! If you want to meet a professional man, earning a decent living, join a professional meet up group. Or, attend functions that attract men who are likely to be the type you’re interested in. Are you a skier? They have kick-ass ski groups where you can travel for almost nothing and meet up at individual homes! Want a hot, fitness buff type guy? Join a gym OR hang around the golf country club where all of the men are healthy and active. Most are financially secure and almost all of the men there are in excellent physical shape at any age.

Wherever you place yourself in your social life will be where you will meet men available to you. So don’t spend time being in places that you feel are detrimental to your dating life. I know women who have met guys in bars, thinking that everyone there was an occasional drinker as they were, only to get hooked up with alcoholics. Does that mean everyone there is an alcoholic? No, but they may be there consistently and not just an occasional night out. Determine what you desire in a mate and then find them there to utilize the “like attracts like” law.

If you have friends that invite you to functions — GO! Keep active, busy and social! Don’t make excuses when you’re invited to a function because you never know what you would have missed. If finding love is a priority then make time to do things where you may meet the love of your life. I know women who have met their husbands in the most unlikely places because they put themselves out there to be social. They make it a point to accept all invitations because it is more likely that you will meet the high quality guy of your dreams when you are in places and with people they may frequent. Unless you want a door-to-door salesman you aren’t likely to meet anyone lounging around your house in your jammies.

Men have just as hard of a time meeting high quality women as women do meeting high quality men. The reason is because they get on dating sites and get hooked into reading all the profiles and they believe what they read. They become disenchanted and give up because it’s harder for men on websites than it is women. They have to make it almost a full-time job to find a date while women just have to sift through the emails. I’ve yet to meet a couple who met AND stayed together after meeting on a dating site but it’s not impossible.

The good news is that women have a greater chance of meeting men at places the high quality men frequent because very few women will actually make it a point to do things out of their comfort zone. They will read what to do, resonate with the truth of it, then go about their day not taking the suggestions. So when you do what I’m asking you to do there will be less female competition and a higher quality of men available. I have a client who met a multi-millionaire because she made it a point to go alone to fancy restaurants alone. That does take courage but it also got the man she married to notice her self-confidence.

So, get off your butt and get out there! Also, if you want to utilize “like attracts like” for all things in life, and not just for a mate, check out my meditations. Nothing empowers you more than resonating at your optimum level. And love is the highest vibration of all!