how to get a text message from him



Women become frantic when they text their man and he doesn’t respond immediately or within a reasonable amount of time. Fear and insecurity seem to take over and that’s all you can think about while anxiously watching the time tick by. Here are some of the reasons that were given to me by MEN regarding why they didn’t text:

  • Your man is busy! Busy in his eyes may not be the same as yours. It may be that he’s occupied with friends or football but he has something other than you on his mind. It drives men nuts when you blow up their phones trying to get a response.

  • He doesn’t have the nerve to tell you that he’s not that into you. He may be a coward for not saying it and being upfront and honest but there are some men who take the easy way out — FOR THEM!

  • The previous text messages weren’t clear and he didn’t think he needed to respond. There may be a miscommunication where you expected an acknowledgement and he thought it was not necessary.

  • Your relationship may be one of comfort and he feels that he doesn’t need to respond to each and every text or keep in touch with you as much as he did in the beginning. It’s a “comfort zone” thing.

  • Don’t keep texting if he isn’t responding! It isn’t going to help the situation and it will make him feel pressured and men generally run when they feel that way.

Bottom line is that he may not put the same amount of importance on texting and staying in constant contact as you do. Now, if you want him to respond to you the following ways may help take the pressure off of him and make him WANT to contact you.

  • Don’t get into a snit when he doesn’t respond and make your messages cute or funny if you want a response. When you’re lighthearted and playful it turns him on!

  • Sexy is even better if you’re in an intimate relationship. Who can say no to a little teasing message? Doesn’t need to be graphic or XXX rated!

  • When the pressure is off he may miss the interaction and text or call you even more. Being needy is a turnoff to ALL people. Men and women! Neediness will make him run so give him a respite from your texting. Let him reach out to you.

  • Send him a text or a response that is happy, upbeat and positive. That will make him desire more interaction.

  • Make the message about him if you must contact him. Something special you remembered about him, something endearing or sexy that will make him go back to fond memories. Even something you’re checking back on: like how he’s feeling, how his ill auntie is or whether he got that job promotion.

  • Ask him something that requires an answer from him. It can be about anything that is real and not just a transparent “want to connect” type text from you. If his response is brief, to the point and not receptive then drop it. Don’t try to keep the interaction going if it’s not reciprocated.

Let’s face it. It isn’t about the text messages! It’s about the contact. So keep the contact with him light, fun, funny, positive, upbeat, sexy and non-threatening. Especially if you’ve had difficult times together. But even if you are in the midst of an attraction that hasn’t gone anywhere and you’re hopeful it will lead to something pressure from you may cause him to FLEE! No pressure, just you being wonderful, charming, delightful and desirable. Who could resist that?