10 ways to tell if a guy is into you


the signs aren’t always there unless you’re looking

  1. He shows his interest by contacting you on a regular basis. Not a once in a while contact where he wants to “Netflix and Chill”. Real contact that shows that he’s thinking about you! That means the contact is consistent and it is at least daily. Hey, he doesn’t want you to forget he exists. He wants you to think about you as much as you think about him. Go take a look at your phone and see how often your man is in contact with you in the real world. If you don’t see his name there frequently then that is sign number 1 that he may not be into you.

  2. He will ask you out. You won’t have to worry about how you’re going to get a date with him because he will find a way. If he’s awkward, shy or someone who isn’t sure you’re going to say “yes” you may have to gently lead him to ask you. How? You’re a female and we all know how to flirt, how to mention where we’re going and how to find us. Let him know you’re interested and if he is into you he will find a way to take it further.

  3. He finds ways and reasons to see you! That means that he is always there for you because being near you makes his day. If you need him he will be the guy you can count on and it doesn’t matter what you’re doing because it’s all about being next to you!

  4. Just being in your presence makes him nervous and excited. He may seem excitable, edgy, louder than usual and just the opposite of relaxed. Why? He is in the throes of attraction and things happen to him physically as well as emotionally. My guy would talk so loud it would almost seem like he was going deaf. That was just his way of showing his excitement about being around me.

  5. He’s a little possessive and jealous. Without trying to make him that way just pay attention when you casually mention a male friend or past love. He may show his slightly bruised ego by criticizing you or your choice in men or pointing out the competition’s lack of a quality but it will definitely make him show his possessive nature.

  6. He brings you gifts. It doesn’t have to be a diamond necklace but he will give you things — small and large. His need to be the provider in the relationship is strong when he’s really seeing a future with you. Whether it’s his jacket when you’re cold, flowers when you’re sick or a handwritten note or card — he wants to provide for you. If he isn’t showing signs of nurturing and giving it may be a sign that he’s not that into you.

  7. He will tell his friends and family ALL about you before they even meet you. He is so excited about the relationship and your future together that he unable to contain his excitement. Not only will he talk about you constantly but that may be ALL he talks about with his friends. A man who’s keeping you a secret is one you should be concerned about. A man who tells anyone who will listen about the beauty of his woman is a man who is falling in love.

  8. He will find things you love and share the love with you for them. Usually he will ask enough questions to find out what your preferences are and they will become his, also. A man who is in hot pursuit will find things you can share and he will love what you love.

  9. His memory will become like an elephant when it comes to you! You may forget what you tell your man but he won’t. Why? Because everything about you enchants him and it’s important to him. Be careful not to tell a little white lie, exaggerate or anything else that may bust you later in the relationship. He will remember every detail you share!

  10. Watch his body language. Is he unable to contain himself when he’s around you? Do his eyes sparkle? Does he watch you when you aren’t paying attention? Can you literally see the love oozing out of his pores? A man in love or lust will have body language that matches his feelings. If he can’t seem to take his eyes off of you then he’s definitely infatuated. If you could walk through the room stark naked without a glance he isn’t the man for you!

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