"Both empowering and informative, Manifesting Love, is like having a relationship coach + a good girlfriend all in one –you will rediscover how to stand in your own feminine power as a woman (which is very attractive!), and stop fretting, being fearful or worrying unnecessarily about a man. Manifesting Love is an e-book that every woman, of every age needs to both read, and give as a gift to a friend and sister. You can read it in one hour or less and be on your way to Manifesting the Love you desire and deserve. Highly recommended!" - The Good Girl Reviewers

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"It works! I did it for a few days however one particular day I did it and later in the evening my ex had contacted me... to say he is thinking of me. He also said that I left an impression in his mind. :-)" - Gixxie Girl

"The love spell is magical! I have a friend who paid over $150 for a love spell that didn't work and I got your spell and meditations for less than twenty bucks (and they worked fast!). Thank you Lanie! You truly are empowering women and you have made a huge difference in my life." - Dawn T.

" This technique works! I wanted to wait a while before I left to review but I have been using it for little while now I am amazed at the results! Thanks Lanie!" - Vegan Chef

"I'm personally very glad that I was gravitated towards this book (and her 2 others that follow this one)...about a year ago. The author, Lanie Stevens, really knows her stuff and...yes...this really is one of the only (easily accessible) books out there that teach these kind of techniques in a modern and focused manner. After reading her books, I was so interested in this subject I ended up researching Edgar Cayce and...a whole bunch of other valuable knowledge out there that has really changed my life for the better. Just from reading this book. I've never wrote a review for a book before, but I felt like I needed to write one here because this author deserves some major props for her intellect and for getting the knowledge out there. I'm especially all for her pro woman movement! It's true, we are all sisters and we are supposed to empower each other!! Lanie, thank you for making this book available to us. You are amazing!" - Sonya

"I'm impressed! I recently united with a man I've always loved... He was so mushy... And he's not the mushy type. I'm a believer!" -- Iamlove

"Lanie's Writing style makes you feel like you're talking to your best friend. So positive and fun! I applied the technique, envisioning myself being in this guys dreams and that morning I received a Facebook message from him saying that he had a dream about me! WHAAAT???!!! - J. Dennis

"I own all of her books and she gave me hope when I was at a low point in my life. This new book is filled with many practical exercises. And ladies, they work!" - Coco

"I had recently broken up with my longtime boyfriend and was looking for relief from my overwhelming emotions, and that's how I found this little gold nugget. This book has helped me tremendously in changing my outlook on life and love." - Brazille

It worked like Gangbusters for me so "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU" to Ms. Lanie Stevens, you helped me make my dream come true. I could not be happier if I tried." - Immochou

"This is a fun, easy read! She does a great job explaining exactly HOW to visualize what you want, and it's really simple. I've read "The Secret" and other related works in the past (watched the DVD several times, too) but the technique was too broad and didn't stick with me. I hated doing the vision board and all that crap. It was too time consuming. Lanie has done a lot of reading on the subject of the law of attraction/manifesting and she gives you the straight 411. Although I only just started her technique a few days ago, I know it's going to get results. I feel empowered and excited! It has broad applications, not just in romantic relationships. Also, she really means it when she says you can email her with questions. :-) Thanks so much, Lanie!"

"Lanie only gives you things that work, bottom line. I realize that these things seem too good to be true, too easy, but actually try them!" - S L Scott

"I can't give enough rave reviews for this book! I've had some pretty amazing results with a man in my life so far - so much so that my best friends are onto the book and raving about it too." - Amazon Customer

"I would recommend this book to every woman. I sure wish I had this knowledge a long time ago my life would have been so much better." - Ladyjan

"Lanie always has solid advice! She's the best gal friend you never had." - Darriah

"Not only could I not put this book down but it had me laughing out loud, feeling hopeful for the first time in 3 months. Lanie's writing style is so engaging and I love that she puts her own bad experiences out there so the reader knows they aren't alone, and that there is something you can do to change your situation! I felt more like I was talking to one of my girlfriends rather than reading a book. It does have aspects of control, but that's clearly stated in the title (which is why I bought it!) and they do work. The technique is presented in a non-judgmental, easy to follow format. I loved this book. I have read it three times since I downloaded it and am actually really excited every night to practice this technique." - Justagirl

" I read it in a day and tried the technique once. ONCE. And it worked within hours." - Wendy K.

"I loved it. Just bought it tonight. Finished. Already doing it. Purchasing the follow up right now. Part II. Thanks." - "Kitty" KSM

Amazing advice from a wonderful expert!" - Reviewer

"I have read all of Lanie's books and I highly recommend you do the same!" - Shannon

"This is book has sincerely been life changing. Lanie explains in simple detail how our emotions and feelings direct our paths in life and how we can control our paths. The technique is as simple as it is powerful, and it works! I started using the technique on my guy and noticed a definite change within 2-3 days. He went from being withdrawn and distant to loving and emotional! I had a couple questions about the technique and Lanie got back to me right away and was so kind in answering my questions. I definitely would recommend this book to all women and already personally have had a couple friends buy it!" - Melissa

"I did the visualization twice a day for 4 days with fantastic results. The really nice thing is that it is not limited to your love life but anything that you wish to focus on." - C J Folly

" For women, it is empowering. No whiners, victims, survivors, this is for the powerful." - Oceangirl

"I can't give enough rave reviews for this book! I regularly devour over seduction books concerned with developing a magnetic aura, building a more feminine allure, etc. Anything to do with creating that extra bit of womanly power. This book and Lanie's follow-up of Make Him Burn With Desire are my two go to books now. I haven't bought another self help since this and that's saying a lot. Not only does Lanie teach how to control a relationship but also how to use this technique to change life circumstances. I never delved too deep into the Silva techniques of mind seduction since it just seemed too cumbersome. Nothing should be that hard, and Lanie makes sure the prep work for trance induction is so short and simple. Anyone can do it! I've had some pretty amazing results with a man in my life so far - so much so that my best friends are onto the book and raving about it too. Lanie is also so awesome helping me with this whole process that when I contacted her through email, she helps assuage any of my doubts and encourages me to keep going If you're lucky enough to come upon this book, go for it. It's minimal investment of time and money and such amazing rewards." - Amazon Customer

"I started using the technique on my guy and noticed a definite change within 2 - 3 days. He went from being withdrawn and distant to loving and emotional!" - Amazon Reader

"I can't believe how quickly this technique worked! Amazing results! Truly a gem!" - True Fan

"Every woman should read! I learned a lot from this book and wish I knew this earlier in life." - Blulotus

"The realization that I'm not the problem does not help me keep a man. This book does. Or, it's as close as it gets." - Jewels

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"This book works!!! If you're willing to put in the couple of minutes a day, its worth it!!!!" - his wife

"The title alarmed me a little, but the concepts are so simple, but profound. What I didn't understand about Law of Attraction, I understand better in this book." - Amazon Customer

"Wow, I wasn't expecting what I read. It's way more empowering and insightful than I imagined it would be. Don't let the title put you off. It's deeper than you think. Overall a quick, fantastic read and very encouraging. If you've ever had a doubt that you can direct the outcome of your life read this book." - Amazon Customer

"This book is awesome! I believe in the Law of attraction and how important is the visualization in all aspects of our life." - Nohemi Breton

"Now I know that a lot of people are gonna be skeptics about this and I have read the "It's not a page turner" reviews (Something does not have to be complicated to work, as a matter of fact this is really simple and let me tell you!!!) I bought this book and the Make him Burn only for you book, read them both in one sitting and IMMEDIATELY started working on my best friend and lover of 10 years, we are the closest of friends have AMAZING sex together and he has never once asked me to be exclusive with him even though he knows I have been in love with him from the beginning of our friendship. So about a week ago, we had a really bad argument, an ex girlfriend who had put him through the ringer showed up on his doorstep unannounced, I have been staying with him at his place while I look for a new apt, This girl is the DEVIL incarnate, he told her to leave and that he never wanted to see her at his home again, then left the apt a few minutes after she had left and I thought, he had followed her, so when he came back to the house I let him have it with both barrels, Needless to say, he said he had not followed her and could not believe I would think he did, anyway, he slept on the couch for 2 days (he usually sleeps in his bed with me) I read the books right after that fight and started doing the technique, 2 days and nights, I did it whenever it crossed my mind to do it, at one point I was thinking "This is not working" but I kept doing it and doing it....way more than the book even recommends, I am thinking....It's gonna take forever...Then I was thinking....It's not going to work.....Well today we have spent the entire day talking, making love, communication like never before and have decided that we are going to be exclusive and not only that...we are going to get a place together instead of me just finding a place of my own. 10 years...I wanted to write it 10 Yeeeeeeaaaaaarrrrrsss. 2 days of using this technique and everything I have ever wanted from this beautiful man and friend is mine. Be a skeptic if you want to , but I promise you that the above story is true, never emailed or corresponded with her in anyway, but I will after this. This is an honest open real review by an actual customer. What I have written here is TRUE in every detail and has not been embellished in anyway, I even found out that purchasing this book caused me to over draw my account and I was charged a $35 overdraft fee and even with the book basically costing me $38 I do not regret it one bit and the cost was well worth it and I am not even angry about the overdraft, I would do it again in a heartbeat. I do not know the author, I have no other stake in telling you my story than to let you know IT WORKS!!! not a little bit, but a WHOLE LOT!!! it worked like Gangbusters for me so "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU" to Ms. Lanie Stevens, you helped me make my dream come true. I could not be happier if I tried."

"My relationship is a million times better since I have read and practiced this book. This is Really a Must Read!" - Lake X Ray

" Its an easy and interesting read. It has empowered every aspect of my life. This is the most fun of her techniques and definately my favourite!" - Amazon Customer

"I would recommend this book to every woman. It is very insightful into the human mind, we have always heard that you are what you believe you are but this book tells us why that is true and helps us to understand that we have control over everything that happens to us, good or bad. I sure wish I had this knowledge a long time ago! My life would have been so much better. Good luck to all that read this as your life will surely be blessed." - Ladyjan

"I purchased her books and meditations and they are amazing! My ex came back to me but more importantly I am stronger than ever. Thank you." - Pria M

"I have heard and strongly believe "you are your thoughts". And this book will prove this idea. You just have to remember no matter what hardships comes to your life. It's beyond "Power of Positive Thinking", using your powerful power to control everything around you including your man, even through the worst situation your relationship. I have been with my husband for 10 years and married for almost 4 years now. I had total hysterectomy as soon as we got married and my husband stopped being physically intimate with me since then. We remained as good friends/roommate and I, too started aloof and we were never physically intimate for a long, long time. And recently he started to look into our problem and got frustrated in his own silent way, and slowly drifting away which devastated me. And I came across Lanie's book through Kindle and read it back to back and started her secret technique several times a dy. After only a week or so on her visualization technique, my husband started to take a bath with me and even brought incense and candles. After the bath he put lotion on my back. Visualization made me realize that my love for my husband and as I became sweeter to him, so did my husband to me. Now I have much brighter hope for our relationship. I hope all women read this book and start getting control of their own lives no matter what challenges you." - Noriko Meguro

"I thought the book was good. I enjoyed the mediation and visualization exercises. I think this is a good book to always have on hand to refer back to when needed. I've read many books on "The Law of Attraction" and this book broke it down to its simplest form. Excellent Read!" - Marie Crump

"Great Book! Learning to master "The Secret" is an excellent exercise that can be applied in many areas. Quick and easy read!" - Nuggets of Knowledge

"I totally LOVED this book! The information was presented in a very clear and easy to understand manner, and most of all -- it really works!-Sara from Boca Raton

"I was sceptical at first, look like I was'nt getting any progress, but I contacted the author through email. She was awesome in a months time I have become irreplaceable to my guy. Now lets just say this guy was a quite a ladies man in the past. But lets just say he's being conquered slowly and don't realize, please know other women are still trying to pursue him in the mist of it all, because the think he's a good catch. Looking forward to more exciting things with my guy. I highly recommend this book. Thank Lanie for everything!" - Mitch

"I know what you mean because at first it seemed "too good to be true" that I would receive such an immediate and positive response. However, over time I realize that anytime I do the technique my lover's attitude changes. He does what I want him to do without any resistance. LOL" - Stephenie R.

"Did the exercises and got a text the following day . Please give this book a try! It's a game changer for sure!" - Jessica Narz

"I couldn't believe myself, but once I tried it, I cannot stop. It's addicting and not to mention, completely working. Just believe, ladies :)" - Jennifer1709

"Just wanted to update my comment made a few months ago. I have NO DOUBT that this technique works. At first I was skeptical but after using it daily my lover is doing exactly what I want him to do. He is "Pussy Whipped" in a good way and I am loving EVERY MINUTE of it!" - A. Weid

"Her books are so real she really answers your emails and really cares. Her meditations area also the best!" - AmazonCustomer

"I am a fan of Lanie's, and in this book she does not disappoint!" - Carla Killian

"I love this book, it gave me enough confidence for myself first and then enhanced my ability to manifest the love I wanted!!! Thank you!! - Daniel R.