Attracting Love Subliminal


Attracting Love Subliminal

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We all want it!  We all have to have it!  In fact, love is truly what makes the world go around.  If you aren't attracting what you desire in the love department maybe it's time for a subliminal love recording.  Time:  21:02 Minutes

Subliminal affirmations on recording:

  • I attract love easily.

  • Everyone I meet enjoys my company.

  • I attract the perfect relationship.

  • The opposite sex finds me alluring.

  • Love comes to me without me trying to find it.

  • I love myself and am easy to fall in love with.

  • I am comfortable alone because I know I can always be with someone.

  • I don't rely when others for my happiness.

  • I am desired and loved by anyone I choose.

  • I attract others like a magnet.

  • I easily discern whether someone is right for me.

  • I attract love and commitment easily.

  • I love myself before everyone else because I know it's healthy.

  • I can easily discriminate between healthy and unhealthy love.

  • I demand and get respect from the opposite sex.

  • Everyone that I meet enjoys my company.

  • I have enough suitors that I can choose the best match for me.

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