Burn With Desire "Bundle" - 3 Meditations (Zip File)

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Burn With Desire "Bundle" - 3 Meditations (Zip File)

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Rev up your sex life with REMOTE SEDUCTION meditations that WORK! Companion to the “How To Make Him BURN With Desire” book on amazon.com. Bundle includes the following meditations: "How to Make Him Burn With Desire",   "Orgasm" and "Sexual Enhancing" .  

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Make Him Burn With Desire....Only for YOU "Bundle"  -  3 Meditations

You will receive the "How to Make Him Burn With Desire...Only for you" meditation, the "Believing You Can Manifest Love" meditation, the "Orgasm" meditation and the "Sexual Enhancing" meditation..  I really like the "Orgasm" and "Sexual Enhancing" meditations to use for remote seduction as well as the awesome and original "How to Make Him Burn With Desire".  Powerful meditations for powerful women! 

  • "How to Make Him Burn" Time: 19:08 Minutes

  • "Orgasm" Time: 19:07 Minutes

  • "Sexual Enhancing" Time: 12:08 Minutes

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