Controlling Anger Subliminal


Controlling Anger Subliminal

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This subliminal meditation helps you regain control if you have anger issues or tend to explode over the slightest thing.  Subliminal messages bypass your conscious mind and are implanted into the subconscious.  Time:  10:00 Minutes

Affirmations on recording:

·      I enjoy having things peaceful in my life.

·      If confrontation occurs I remain calm and centered.

·      If I feel the slightest upset I take a few deep breaths to calm myself.

·      My emotions are always in control.

·      Others see me as fun, peaceful and stable.

·      In relationships I believe in the win/win philosophy.

·      I never lose control of my emotions.

·      When speaking to others I am always kind, specific and honest.

·      My emotions are always upbeat and positive.

·      Things that would have upset me before no longer upset me.

·      I love being calm and centered.

·      Maintaining a positive state of mind is easy for me.

·      I steer my life and positive directions with the power of positive thinking.

·      Manifesting my dreams into reality is something I do naturally and easily.

·      The law of attraction gives me the power to realize my dreams.

·      Attracting success is a normal part of my life.

·      My life is filled with abundance.

·      My positive mindset attracts positive circumstances.

·      I find it easy to attract into my life whatever I desire.