Deep Sleep Subliminal Meditation

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Deep Sleep Subliminal Meditation

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Listen to this subliminal message to gently fall asleep each night. It is relaxing you with the sound of music and imprinting on your subconscious mind that you will easily, and restfully fall asleep. Eventually the entrainment will happen automatically and you will not need to listen to the music --   although you may want to. :-)  Time:  22:22 Minutes

Affirmations that are repeated throughout recording:

  • I will sleep like a baby tonight.

  • I release all my stress.

  • I release all my anxiety.

  • All my worries float away when I sleep.

  • When I'm home I feel sleepy at 11:00 PM every night.

  • I can fall asleep comfortably.

  • I drift into sleep easily and naturally.

  • Sleeping is easy for me.

  • Resting is good for my body.

  • I fall asleep without trying.                                        

  • I feel calm when I close my eyes.

  • I sleep all through the night.

  • I wake up fully rested.

  • Peaceful sleep has become a reality.

  • I wake up relaxed and refreshed.

  • I can go to sleep at will.

  • I enjoy sleeping.

  • When I go to sleep I am totally relaxed.

  • I can sleep eight hours every night.


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