Enhance Your Marriage SUBLIMINAL


Enhance Your Marriage SUBLIMINAL

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Marriage is sometimes a challenge and we want our relationships to be the best possible at all times.  One way to do this is to listen to this subliminal recording because it programs your subconscious mind to LOOK for and SEE positive things about your marriage and your mate.  Time:  16:39 Minutes

Affirmations & suggestions on recording:

·      I openly communicate and share myself with my partner.

·      I communicate directly and honestly.

·      I accept my mate as they are and without expectations.

·      Being around my mate makes me feel good.

·      I love doing spontaneous things with my partner.

·      I have a perfect mate and marriage.

·      I feel comfortable in my marriage.

·      My marriage is an example for others to follow.

·      Me and my spouse have an honest and open communication.

·      I give my love freely and I am affectionate.

·      I am generous to my spouse.

·      I love my spouse and my spouse loves me.

·      I am very sexy and enjoy it.

·      Sharing makes me feel happy and complete.

·      My partner is perfect for me in every way.

·      I can’t wait to see my partner and they feel the same.

·      My partner and I are like newlyweds.

·      The sex between myself and my mate is phenomenal.

·      I feel sexy and sensual when I’m around my mate.

·      My partner loves and appreciates my body.

·      My partner and I fit together perfectly physically and emotionally.

·      It’s easy to forgive my partner because the love is so strong.

·      I have a wonderful partnership with my mate.

·      I can’t imagine my life without my partner by my side.

·      It is easy to keep the passion alive in my relationship.

·      I am open to doing new and fun things with my mate.

·      I trust my partner completely and totally.

·      I know through the law of attraction my marriage will get stronger and stronger.