Fear of Flying


Fear of Flying

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Are you a white knuckle flyer?  Does the thought of travel give you an anxiety attack?  Listen to this recording BEFORE and DURING your flight for great results.  Time:  21:46 Minutes

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Affirmations and suggestions:

  • I love traveling by plane.
  • I enjoy traveling by plane even more than my car.
  • Traveling by plane takes less time and is convenient.
  • When I'm on the plane I feel relaxed and at ease.
  • I feel excited about taking a trip when flying.
  • Flying is the safest method of transportation.
  • I can relax when I'm on the plane.
  • I can easily fall asleep when I'm on the plane.
  • I love to look out the window when I fly.
  • I feel safe when flying.
  • I love to travel to other cities and countries.
  • I know traveling by plane is safe.
  • Each day my mind becomes more positive.
  • I find it easy to control my thoughts and keep them positive.
  • Maintaining a positive state of mind is easy for me.
  • I love to travel.
  • When I get on the plane I get relaxed and sleepy.
  • I feel at peace when I am flying.
  • I know that any bumpiness is safe and I relax even more.
  • I get excited when I am planning to fly.
  • I have overcome any anxiety associated with flying.
  • I know the power of my mind controls any anxiety and fear.
  • I can relax and know that I am always safe.


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