Personalized Email Response (receive in 3-5 days)

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Personalized Email Response (receive in 3-5 days)

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Personal Coaching Via Email - 3 Email Package

Personal Coaching Via Email (3-7 Day Response)- 3 Email Package

Do you need personal or specific advice to help you create the life you desire? This service consists of three (3) emails from Lanie Stevens OR Cammie Shelton when you purchase this service.  You can address any area of your life that needs improvement, “secret techniques”, using the  Law of Attraction.  your mate, someone you desire, your job, relationships, personal issues, etc.  

Please limit your concerns to one (1) for each email.  Send the email with your purchase number. In your email explain your situation and what issue you would like answered. Make sure there is enough background information but please do not address more than one subject in each email.  You may send as much information as you would like to share knowing your emails are always CONFIDENTIAL.

These emails may be used at any time in the future and they NEVER EXPIRE.

After purchase please send your email to:


DISCLAIMER:  By purchasing the email package you acknowledge that neither Lanie Stevens nor Cammie Shelton represent themselves to be a licensed medical therapists, physicians or mental health providers.  You will be given, advice but you agree to make your own decisions regarding the advice, and you accept full responsibility for your decisions.  You agree that we are offering you a service but are not legally responsible, and cannot be held liable for your actions, based on these recommendations.  This purchase acknowledges your acceptance that the terms and conditions are agreeable and you release us from any liability claims.