Rid Yourself of Depression Subliminal


Rid Yourself of Depression Subliminal

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Depression is an underlying feeling that can sometimes hang on for long periods of time.  It is a combination of many things but you can program your subconscious mind through the power of subliminal messaging.  It is especially helpful if you find yourself feeling sad, blue, or have a feeling of unhappiness or loneliness.  Time:  17:11 Minutes

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The affirmations on the recording:

·      I am very happy.

·      I my happiness is endless. can solve all my problems.

·      Thins I thought were problems are not anymore.

·      I release all negative thoughts.

·      Everyone enjoys my company.

·      I always have positive thoughts.

·      I am always smiling and happy.

·      I can get whatever I want

·      I enjoy life.

·      Everybody helps me.

·      I accept help humbly.

·      My happiness is endless.

·      My happiness is unlimited now.

·      Every day I wake up and I am happy to be alive.

·      People I love do love me back unconditionally.

·      I accept my power.

·      All areas of my life are abundant and filling.

·      Every experience I have is perfect for my personal growth.

·      I am worth loving.  There is love all around me.

·      Each day my mind becomes more positive.

·      I find it easy to control my thoughts.

·      Manifesting is effortless.

·      Maintaining a positive state of mind is easy for me.

·      I steer my life and positive directions with the power of positive thinking.

·      Manifesting my dreams into reality is something I do naturally and easily.

·      The law of attraction gives me the power to realize my dreams.

·      Attracting success is a normal part of my life.

·      My life is filled with abundance.

·      My positive mindset attracts positive circumstances.

-     I find it easy to attract into my life whatever I desire