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Who doesn't want to feel sexy, hot, desirable and sought after?  This subliminal meditation will put those positive thoughts into your unconscious mind so you will begin to act as if you are a sex goddess.  Then men will begin treating you like one!  Time:  20:08 Minutes

These are the affirmations and suggestions on the recording:

·      I am a very sexy and desirable person.

·      I love myself and give and accept love easily.

·      When I look in the mirror I see perfection in my body, mind & soul.

·      I am sexy without having to try to be sexy.

·      My inner goddess attracts others to me instantly like a magnetic pull.

·      I love sexual intimacy with the right person.

·      I know that all men want and desire me but I choose wisely. 

·      I let my inner guidance wisdom choose my mate knowing it will be the perfect choice.

·      When I walk into a room all heads turn to look at me.

·      I have an inner glow and radiance that broadcasts a positive signal to the universe.

·      My sexuality and sensuality are something I enjoy.

·      I have the power and ability to attract and keep love.

·      My inner voice guides me proficiently and expertly for my highest good.

·      I am a wonderfully sensual person and I enjoy it.

·      Being sexy is natural and comfortable for me.

·      My body is beautiful just the way it is and I love everything about it.

·      I am a goddess and I appreciate my many wonderful gifts.

·      Each day my mind becomes more positive and more enlightened.

·      I find it easy to control my thoughts, my emotions and my destiny.

·      I love myself just the way I am but I know I am continuing to improve and grow in wisdom each day.

·      Maintaining a positive state of mind is easy for me.

·      I steer my life in positive directions using the power of positive thinking.

·      Manifesting my dreams into reality is something I do naturally and easily.

·      The law of attraction gives me the power to realize my dreams.

·      I accept myself and love myself as the unique and special being I am.

·      My life is filled with an abundance of love, money, friends and good luck.

·      My positive mindset attracts positive circumstances and people.

·      I find it easy to attract into my life whatever I desire.

·      I have an inner wisdom constantly guiding me.

·      I appreciate my life and all the people in it.

·      My love for myself and the life I have grows each and every day.


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