The Miracle Mindset Program (2)


The Miracle Mindset Program (2)

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Having problems manifesting? We are products of our past programming and the mindset and belief system impressed upon us since childhood. If you aren’t manifesting what you desire it’s time to RESET the programming, clear out old associations and rid yourself of the baggage in your subconscious mind. This program will open you up to miracles!

The Miracle Mindset Program has 11 meditations all designed to program you for success. The Law of Attraction is busy working 100% of the time! If your life isn’t the way you desire it to be — it’s time to change it!

The Program is so large it had to be uploaded in 2 separate product files. This one contains 5 meditations: ZIP FILE:

  • Body Enlightenment

  • Connect With Special Person

  • Healing Yourself and Others

  • Receive Answers From the Universe

  • Remote Blockages and Manifest Money