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absolutely!  learn lanie stevens' "secret technique" law of attraction



HOW ARE THESE MEDITATIONS DIFFERENT?     My meditations are designed to put you into the powerful "Alpha" state of Mind (the secret to manifesting) and they help you excel in every area of life.  Unique meditations such as "Pussy Whip" and "Make Him Burn" are excellent companions to my popular, best selling books and they are available ONLY on this website. They teach you a method for remote seduction and connecting to your mate that you can only learn from my books. Meditation gets you into a relaxed, positive frame of mind while engaging your powerful, wonderful subconscious mind to attract events and people you desire in your life.  If your life isn't exactly the way you want it to be then you haven't tried my meditations.

CAN I MANIFEST USING YOUR GUIDED MEDITATIONS?   There is no better way to manifest than to get in touch with your unconscious mind because it does not know truth from fiction but it controls 95% of your reality.  What you experience when you are in a relaxed, receptive state (during meditation/hypnosis) your subconscious mind believes to be true and sets out to make it happen.  Why?  Because your thoughts and emotions during meditation are powerful and your subconscious mind believes what you are experiencing to be real.  For instance, if you desire your "ex" back,  need financial assistance or even want to attract someone new  --  simply convince your subconscious mind (through meditation) that you already have what you desire and it will manifest it for you.  Simple yet effective solutions for your life all while relaxing and listening to the guidance of my voice.

WILL YOUR MEDITATIONS TEACH THE LAW OF ATTRACTION?   The Law of Attraction is a big "buzz" word that you hear frequently but you rarely learn how to use it.  My meditations are available exclusively on  my website and they are so powerful and so complete that you can CHANGE YOUR LIFE  by incorporating them into your daily routine.  It is my greatest desire to assist you  be the best you can be and to excel in life.  Whether you desire a man, money, health, an awesome body, overcoming addictions, weight reduction, mental and/or physical strength these meditations will assist you in achieving your goals.  Oh, and did I mention "remote seduction" or "Love Spell"?   Men will be chasing you like never before!

CAN I MEDITATE ANY TIME AND ANY PLACE?    Never drive or operate any vehicle while listening  to a meditation.  You are in a relaxed state of mind and are not able to react quickly.  Also, some people fall asleep while meditating.  That is perfectly fine by the way.  You still benefit because the unconscious mind, the mind you engage during meditation, always remains active and listens to every word.  In fact, your subconscious mind really never sleeps.  It is on constant guard to keep you safe and protected.  It is what wakes you up when you're zonked out, totally asleep and there is a noise in the house.  Your inner guidance system is always alert and ready to adapt to your wishes.  It is your "genie in a bottle".

WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO LISTEN?   It is best to  listen with headphones  or earbuds for a more relaxing experience.   You can meditate in a sitting position or while lying in bed.  I prefer to lie down but it is your choice.  The most important thing is to be comfortable, relaxed and in a receptive state of mind.  Meditation shifts your awareness from the outside world to the inner "subconscious" state where manifesting is easy, effortless and truly magical.

HOW SOON WILL I RECEIVE MY MEDITATION?   You will receive your MP3 download link immediately and automatically after payment is received.  The link is active for 24 hours so please download ASAP.  All you need to do is click on the link  and it will immediately download the meditation to your computer.  It will be saved in iTunes or your music program if it is not iTunes.   It will not be lost and you will have access to it forever!  There is no limit to the number of times you can listen because it is yours.   Please do not share the link with others.  Instead send them to my website because I have priced the meditations very inexpensively for all to enjoy.

HOW DO I CHOOSE A MEDITATION?   There are many meditations to choose from and some will address the same issues.  The reason?  You may feel more drawn to one over the other AND it is also beneficial to change meditations occasionally so you don't get accustomed to the words on just one.  While you are still reinforcing and making changes to the same problem your subconscious will hear and resonate with the different wording.  So change it up!

WHAT IS SUBLIMINAL MEDITATION?  Subliminal meditation is where you just hear the music, sounds of nature, ocean and/or background music.  No words can be heard at all but they are there!  They are just at a level where only your subconscious can hear them, as in a whisper when you are not listening, and your conscious mind will be listening to the music.  Subliminal meditation is powerful because:  

  1. You cannot block the messages using conscious thoughts and objections;

  2. Your subconscious mind believes what it hears so it will accept affirmations easily;

  3. You will automatically begin to draw things to you that you desire through the affirmations and positive programming.

Your conscious mind sometimes filters out things it does not truly believe so while guided meditations are beneficial you must resonate with the affirmations. Subliminal meditation bypasses the negative conscious mind and influences you directly because you are not blocking the manifestation.  I love listening to subliminal meditation while I sleep because I wake up with a renewed sense of positivity!  I think you will, too.!


You should not be carried away by the dictation of the mind, but the mind should be carried by your dictation.
— A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami


lanie's meditation reviews

The success stories I receive are amazing!  i know you will be one of them!


"I didn't know what remote seduction was but I sure found out fast! Your methods work and my man is after me like he has never been before. I can't believe how fast it worked and how happy we are. He and I were broken up for months and I thought it was over for good. I kept the faith like you suggested and it worked! Thank you, thank you! - Shayna E.

"The absolute BEST meditations I have ever used. Soothing voice, positive messages. Thanks Lanie!" - Emily H.

"I had a difficult time with meditation and especially visualization so these meditations have helped me immensely. I don't think I could have done it without your help and guidance." - Kim T.

"Your voice is so calm and soothing I find myself falling asleep and being unable to keep my eyes open. But they still work!" - Barb K.

"The best investment I have ever made (except for your books). ;-)" - Elizabeth F.

"I tried to meditate on my own and found it impossible so I broke down and bought the meditations and I am so glad I did because it brought it all together for me. Thank you!" - Elise A.

"I look forward to every new meditation that you put out and have a little fund that I use to purchase them. Worth every penny." - Pamela M.

"I find that I look forward to meditation and visualizing for the first time in my entire life due to your meditations. Awesome!" - Katie T.

"Such a soothing voice it lulls me right into subconscious without trying." - Stephanie P.

"If I could buy every one of them I would! I use PW and BWD daily and my man is back. Thanks Lanie!" - Sara B.

"I had never tried to meditate before but that's changed because I get such fast results." - G.L.

"Even after reading the books I doubted that it would work. Boy was I surprised when I got instant results. The meditations help keep me focused and with ADHD I need the focus. Great work Lanie!" - Sharon R.

"I was afraid to cut the cord on my man but after Lanie convinced me it would help with my emotional issues I did it. He called and texted me within a couple of days missing me. It put the power back into my court and I no longer obsess over him." - Linda B.

"Words cannot express how much the books and meditations have changed my life! I have an entire playlist dedicated to Lanie and I play it nightly. Since I began I have a new job, money is much better and I could care less about the man I thought I wanted back. When he contacts me I think WHO???? LOL - Kisha P.

"I give your meditations five stars and feel they are responsible for my fast manifesting. Thank you! - Nicole B.

"Can't wait to see more on the website because I have already bought them all." - Becca F.

"I was a mess before your books and meditations and now it feels like my life is coming together better than ever." - Rachel S.

"You have the voice of an angel Lanie! I love your meditations!" - Chris K.

"I feel like anything is possible now. You gave me strength and encouragement with your books and recordings!" - Belinda J.

"I tell all my GFs about your books and MP3s. We love you and your work! Thank you Lanie!" - Patty S.

"Everything in my life has changed and shifted because I now believe that I can have them and your meditations have helped me to accomplish so much more in a short amount of time than I have ever done before." - Ginny W.

"I used the Pussy Whip meditation and I swear he contacted me 30 minutes later! I almost dropped the phone it shocked me so bad and I thought it may have been a coincidence but since he has totally changed (for the better) I know it's real! - Joan P.

"I have been a LOA person for years and I didn't think I needed guided meditations but I was so wrong. The meditations have increased the quality of my sleep, I lost a bunch of weight and best of all I feel in control of my life for once. My man has responded as well but that's a whole other story. I feel like I can control his thoughts wherever he is and it has given me a lot of self confidence and power that I am not letting go of - ever. Thank you so much for helping me learn an even better technique than before." - Karen J.

"I can say enough positive things about the meditations and books. They have changed my life and made me feel great. :-) " - Lizbeth P.

"I got a free meditation and I loved your voice so much I purchased 10 more! Best money I ever spent!" - Sandra L.

"I have to admit that I am a man but I my GF shared your file with me and I love your soft, soothing voice and message. Thanks! - Greg C.

"Thank you Lanie! The best meditations ever!" - Polly A.

"Wish I could afford every one of them BC my life changed so much with the Pussy Whip one. Bless you for helping women!" - Melissa F.