I have been counseling women for 20+ years and I haven’t met anyone who has the “perfect relationship” OR the perfect vision of themselves. I want to help all of my “sisters” be happy, independent, empowered, wealthy and find the love of their lives.

  1. Are you happy and content with the current status of your relationship or lack of a relationship?

  2. Do you feel there’s something missing or lacking in your connection to your mate or desire to have a relationship?

  3. Is there room for communication improvement in your relationship?

  4. Do you feel empowered, confident and have high self-esteem or do you suffer from self doubt?

  5. Do you find that you continuously attract the “same kind of wrong mate”?

  6. Do you feel sexy and in control of your relationship OR do you lack the drive and confidence you once had?

  7. Who do you feel has the “upper hand” in your relationship? You or your partner?

  8. Have you found yourself to be in control in the beginning of a new relationship and then suddenly lose your power?

  9. Do you feel powerless and lack the ability to have meaningful input in your relationship?

  10. Are you open to love but find that the men you become involved with are not?

  11. Do you find yourself comparing yourself unfavorably to other women and feel “less than” more often than not?

  12. Sexy women are sexy from the inside out rather than relying on outer beauty did you know that?

  13. Have you read more relationship books than you can recall only to be frustrated and not remember any “tips”?

  14. Is “game playing” something you believe you need to do to attract and keep a mate?

  15. Can you be the person you are with confidence and know that it will attract the “right mate” to you?

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