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A “love spell” allows you to use the 95% of your mind power that is not utilized in your every day life. Learn how TODAY!
— Lanie Stevens

A love spell is not a magic pill that works instantly in that the person is going to show up at your door within a few hours.  But, a love spell will begin to work magic in your love life immediately.

Did you know that only 5% of your mind is used to create your reality and the other 95% is your subconscious mind, which is really the part of your brain that manifests your desire?  A spell is much more than the power of positive thinking because it engages your powerful subconscious mind and also uses the mystical quantum physics force called "entanglement" to get the results you desire.  

You don't need to have the hair of a dog, the feather of a bird found only in South America and other strange and weird items that are difficult to locate.  ALL it takes is getting into a relaxed state of mind, my Love Spell meditation and creating the proper intention.

  1. In my meditation I teach you how to instantly and powerfully connect to the person so they're going to receive the full impact of the Love Spell in the shortest amount of time.

  2. Focus on the visualization. Sure, we all have our minds wander, because that's just what they do, but bring your awareness and attention back to the Love Spell and what it is you desire.

  3. You have a special connection to your mate that allows you to instantaneously connect anytime you choose. Trust me, love spells work! However, you must believe that the spell is going to reach your POI and that you will receive the results you desire and deserve.

  4. Put in some effort! Take some action on your own and get out of the house and meet people! Engage with others and HAVE FUN!

  5. Let go of your expectations and desire to control the outcome. You've cast a powerful Love Spell, it's out in the universe and in the process of manifesting BUT if all you can do is worry about the outcome you will block the manifestation.

My suggestion is to cast the spell and then use the PW or BWD technique in-between because of the power of the combo.  I call the Love Spell, PW and BWD the perfect trifecta!  Come on sisters you can do it!  




It’s like a spell. It’s so strong I can’t fight it. Is love always like this?
— Lian Hearn