make him desire you even more


don’t let his desire for you fade into a distant memory

Tips on revving up his desire for you:

  1. Men love hearing their names, especially when it comes from your lips and it’s said in a particularly sexy way or with a sexy gaze. Even if you are just meeting him for the first time be sure to gaze into his eyes when touching his hand and speaking his name.  The instant attraction can cause his heart to literally skip a beat.  In a relationship it’s important to speak his name in positive circumstances rather than when you’re angry.  Let him associate his name with love and not frustration or impatience.

  2. Don’t share too much information with him about little things.  Make him want to hear more rather than treat him like a girlfriend who’s willing to listen to all the workplace gossip and details that may only be interesting to you.  A little bit of mystery to a woman is more sexually desirable.  Men love to explore and the less he knows in the beginning the more he will WANT to know.

  3. Make him miss you by not being available to him 24/7, especially in the beginning of a relationship.  Let him wonder what you’re doing that is so much fun that you aren’t by his side.  His mind will most likely create something far more exciting than reality but let him believe it.  Men love independent, strong women. And, don’t think your casual conversation about where he has been or who he’s seen isn’t instantly recognized as “needy”. Men may not have “women’s intuition” but they know when they are being interrogated.

  4. Don’t obviously flirt in front of him in a veiled attempt to make him jealous but slyly check out his male competition or be a little friendlier than normal to get his attention occasionally.  Men love to compete and it will turn on the attraction for you if he feels you may find someone else (or they find you) attractive.

  5. Let him know that you need him!  When men feel they are your hero and you depend on them it’s even more addictive than love.  Men love to feel you can depend on them and they will step up to your expectations.  On the other hand don’t overdo it and become so needy and codependent that they run the opposite direction. Building him up in his mind will make you more important in his!

  6. Wanting him in your life is sexy and makes him feel desirable.  Wanting just any ole’ man in your life is a definite turnoff to him.  If he believes he is the lucky “one in a million” that you chose as a mate he will be flattered and his desire for you will be turned up a notch.  An aside, don’t talk about old flames or relationships. Turn-off!

  7. Make him work a little for your affection.  Unless all you want is a friends with benefits relationship don’t make it just sexual.  Men who work for affection and intimacy value it much more than when it’s given out freely and indiscriminately.  In fact, given too freely may make them feel your affection and intimacy has very little value.

  8. Reach out during the day occasionally with a text message or a short audio of your voice telling him you miss him, can’t wait to see him or that you’re thinking about your last sexy encounter.  Passion for him creates passion within him.  When you see him don’t forget about the “tease” and follow through before you do the dishes or watch your favorite TV program.

  9. Treat him to something nice like a back rub, a foot massage or sitting through a football game.  Small things are remembered fondly for a long period of time.  If you take your guy for granted (for long periods of time) chances are he will be more likely to consider straying should the opportunity present itself.

  10. Try being sweet and nurturing for 24 hours without an unkind word or grumble.  You will be surprised at how hard that may be if you are in a long term relationship or marriage.  Just your sweetness or kindness will be enough to soften his heart and make you more precious to him.  

  11. Try sending him “love thoughts” during the day! It works and it’s very effective to connect mentally throughout the day. Practice sending him love even if you’re going through a rough patch. And, if you want to rev up your sex life send him erotic thoughts and messages. ;-)

Try the meditations below to practice sending him love and other messages during the day. Meditation helps your relationship, your body and your future.