I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.
— Marilyn Monroe


are you ready to attract love, make him think of you constantly and commit to you? this is the program for you!

My best selling book “Pussy Whip” has a secret technique in it that defies everything you ever thought about how to get your man to fall in love with you and commit to you and ONLY you. Oh, did I mention that you can control his thoughts? It is truly magical!

This program will outline in detail how to make the most of the meditations to ensure that you are successful at attracting love, staying on his mind and in his heart, and keeping love in your life. And, it all begins by using the meditations in this program at night before you drift off to sleep.

The power of attraction and love is more than just mere thoughts and wishes. You actually are in control of your love life and can have your POI fall in love with you, stay committed to you and put you on a pedestal. And, it’s all done with the power of your mind!

The PLAN is all laid out for you — all you have to do is follow it. ;-)

DAY ONE: To program you to easily go into an alpha state, the magical manifesting state, you will listen to the “Sleep Induction” meditation. Afterwards listen to the “Attracting Love Subliminal” meditation and fall asleep.

DAY TWO: Listen to the “Sleep Induction” meditation and then the “Connecting to Your Mate” meditation. Focus on your target or Person of Interest (POI). Sleepy time.

DAY THREE: Listen to the “Pussy Whip (long version)” meditation while focusing on your target. Afterwards listen to the “Attracting Love Subliminal” meditation as you fall asleep.

DAY FOUR: Listen to the “Attract Soulmate With Emotion” meditation while focusing on your target. Afterwards fall asleep to the “Attracting Love Subliminal” meditation.

DAY FIVE: Listen to the “Pussy Whip (regular or with silence)” meditation. Nothing afterwards. Just fall asleep.

DAY SIX: Listen to the “Connecting to Your Mate” meditation while thinking of your partner. Afterwards fall asleep to the “Attracting Love Subliminal” meditation.

DAY SEVEN: Listen to the “Attract Soulmate With Emotion” meditation while thinking of your partner. Afterwards fall asleep to the “Attracting Love Subliminal” meditation.

DAY EIGHT: Listen to “Pussy Whip Light”. Then fall asleep on your own OR listen to the “Attracting Love Subliminal” meditation.

DAY NINE: Listen to “Pussy Whip” meditation and then fall asleep.

DAY TEN: Listen to the “Connecting to Your Mate” meditation. Fall asleep to the “Attracting Love Subliminal” meditation.

DAY ELEVEN +: Just keep alternating the program OR determine the best combinations for YOU. If you are incorporated “How to Make Him Burn With Desire Remote Seduction” you will alternate nights. One night for attracting love. One night for sexual desire & passion.

BONUS MEDITATION: Use the “Cutting the Cord” meditation if you are feeling too attached to the outcome. Use it when you feel overwhelmed, negative, too attached, sad, lonely or frustrated. It is your FREE bonus with this program. :-)

“PW” complete love program

7 Meditations ALL Designed to CHANGE YOUR LIFE

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#2 attracting love subliminal meditation

We all want it!  We all have to have it!  In fact, love is truly what makes the world go around.  If you aren't attracting what you desire in the love department maybe it's time for a subliminal love recording.  

Subliminal messages bypass the negative, fearful and doubting conscious mind and are very effective.

The Law of Attraction works through impressing thoughts, ideas and desires on your subconscious mind. Time:  21:02 Minutes


#4 PUSSY WHIP (original VERSION)

This meditation is the companion to my book Pussy Whip - Proven, Powerful "Secret Technique" Controls Your Man.  The book will explain how to fully utilize the technique and that is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY before using to the MP3.  There are important steps to ensure that you manifest and control your man!  This guided meditation will connect you with your loved one, your mate, your ex or someone you desire and it will assist you in relaxing, visualization and connecting to him.  

Ignite the love, make him think of you, miss you, and desire you anytime you choose. Powerful, unbreakable connection.


#6 Pussy whip (3 minutes silence) meditation

This meditation is exactly the same as the original "Pussy Whip" meditation EXCEPT rather than take you through step-by-step hearing the words I created (example: "I love you", "I am sorry", "I can't live without you, etc.)  it has 3+ minutes of silence  for you to visualize and "hear"  whatever it is you desire.

The beginning will relax you and put you into a relaxed state of mind to manifest easily.  The end of the meditation brings you back out of the relaxed state and has affirmations.



#8 cutting the cord meditation

Once you cut the cord with your man you can work on him with "Pussy Whip" or "How to Make Him Burn With Desire" because YOU will control the relationship and him! We've all been there and it hurts to be rejected by the one we love.  Get over the loss of love!  Before doing ANYTHING  I recommend that you disconnect from your man.  Not only will he feel the disconnect but it will allow you to  get your power back where it belongs -- with YOU!   Don't fear cutting the cord because he will be more drawn to you  -- not less!  And, you can connect and disconnect from him anytime you choose.



This meditation is the first you will use in the series. It programs you to begin to immediately go into the “alpha” state, the magical state where manifesting begins, easily and effortlessly.

By programming yourself to respond to the command SLEEP it will make meditating easier and more effective. You can literally begin to meditate anywhere and any time just by using the sleep command. It will also help insomnia.

SLEEP will be a command that you will grow to love!


#3 connecting to your mate meditation

Send your partner a "ball of energy" that has your thoughts, feelings and emotions in it.  Really FEEL what you are sending and pour your heart, soul and energy into this ball of energy for best results. Emotion is key!

A little different than the remote seduction meditation or the "pussy whip" meditation but a wonderful way to send messages to the person you love.   Time:  15:36 Minutes


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#5 attract soulmate with emotion

We all want to have someone love us for the rest of our lives.  Someone to grow old with, share good and bad times with, someone we can count on to be there for us.  This guided meditation using your emotions to attract your soulmate to you.

 If you believe you have a soulmate out there, whether you know them or not, this meditation will help you use your emotions of passion and loneliness to attract them.  

A powerful addition to the normal PW routine. Engage all of your senses and really get into the visualization.

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#7 pussy whip light meditation

In a hurry? PW “Light” takes a short amount of time but is still just as powerful.

By request this is a shorter version of Pussy Whip. It trains your subconscious mind to easily get into alpha state with repeated use. Excellent to use after the Sleep Induction Meditation.

This version has over 3 minutes at the end of the meditation with music and silence so you can visualize without words guiding you. TIME: 8:37 Minutes