Chemistry is you touching his MIND and setting his BODY on fire.
— Lanie Stevens



This program is designed to make you the sexiest, most confident, passionate and desirable woman possible. Sure, you can use remote seduction on anyone you choose and it works. But if you want to embody sexiness this program was designed for you.

Step-by-step it will increase your manifesting ability and take away the stress of wondering whether it’s working. Trust me, IT IS WORKING!

Step-by-step if you follow the program you can influence anyone you choose OR just choose to embrace your sexiness and let “the one” find you. Either way you win! You can also integrate this program into the “Pussy Whip” Program if you choose. To do so just alternate days using “Pussy Whip” instructions. So it would be a 20 day program.

DAY ONE: To program you to easily go into an alpha state, the magical manifesting state, you will listen to the “Sleep Induction” meditation. Afterwards listen to the “Sexy You Subliminal” meditation until you fall asleep.

DAY TWO: Listen to the “Sleep Induction” meditation and then the “How to Make Him Burn With Desire” meditation. Focus on your target or Person of Interest (POI).

DAY THREE: Listen to the “How to Make Him Burn With Desire” meditation while focusing on your target. Afterwards listen to the “Sexy You Subliminal” meditation as you fall asleep.

DAY FOUR: Listen to the “Orgasm” meditation while focusing on your target. Afterwards fall asleep to the “Sexy You Subliminal” meditation.

DAY FIVE: Listen to the “Reverse Remote Seduction” meditation if you haven’t had contact with your POI. If you have then listen to the “How to Make Him Burn With Desire” meditation. Nothing afterwards. Just fall asleep.

DAY SIX: Listen to the “Sexual Enhancement” meditation while thinking of your partner. Afterwards fall asleep to the “Sexy You Subliminal” meditation.

DAY SEVEN: Listen to the “Orgasm” meditation while thinking of your partner. Afterwards just fall asleep OR if you feel super excited listen to the “How to Make Him Burn With Desire” and use all of your passion to direct to your POI.

DAY EIGHT: If you haven’t heard from your partner listen to “Reverse Remote Seduction”. If you have heard from them (even a text message) listen to the “Sexual Enhancement” meditation. Afterwards listen to “Sexy You Subliminal” to fall asleep.

DAY NINE: Listen to “How to Make Him Burn With Desire” meditation and then fall asleep.


DAY ELEVEN - INFINITY: Just keep alternating the program OR determine the best combinations for YOU.

**Anytime you have problems relaxing and falling asleep go back and listen to the “Sleep Induction” meditation again. And again. And again. It’s a great meditation for programming you to easily get into an alpha state.

THE remote seduction complete program

6 Meditations ALL Designed for sexual desire, passion & empowerment

sleeping on cloud.jpg


This is the meditation designed as a companion for the book. It teaches you a special and “secret” technique to connect to your mate or POI. Make him think of you and desire you and only you with this meditation.

Powerful remote seduction exercise so engage all of your senses and really feel it!


#4 orgasm meditation

This is a unique exercise designed to connect you sexually with your target.  Before you begin call your partner to you as you learned to do in the "Pussy Whip" or "Make Him Burn With Desire" books.  

After you connect with him begin this visualization and as you listen to my voice allow your subconscious mind to feel him, see him, sense him and enjoy a fantasy with him.   Explicit.  

couple kissing.jpg

#6 sexual enhancement meditation

Ignite the sensations in your body by using the energy of your mind and hands to create more sexual pleasure.   This meditation increases sensual pleasure in your body.  Explicit.

Visualize yourself with your mate while you enjoy the pleasant sexual sensations. Increases sensuality and sexual pleasure.

You can also incorporate the “secret” technique to connect before or during the visualization for added impact. ;-)



This meditation is the first you will use in the series. It programs you to begin to immediately go into the “alpha” state, the magical state where manifesting begins, easily and effortlessly.

By programming yourself to respond to the command SLEEP it will make meditating easier and more effective. You can literally begin to meditate anywhere and any time just by using the sleep command. It will also help insomnia.

SLEEP will be a command that you will grow to love!


#3 sexy you subliminal meditation

Who doesn't want to feel sexy, hot, desirable and sought after?  This subliminal meditation will put those positive thoughts into your unconscious mind so you will begin to act as if you are a sex goddess.  Then men will begin treating you like one!  

Positive affirmations embedded into your subconscious mind as you drift off to sleep. Subliminal messages bypass the negative, fearful and stubborn conscious mind that doesn’t want change.

You can listen to this every night if you choose to feel hotter, sexier and more in control of your life.

lanie stevens sexy couple her holding necktie.jpg

#5 reverse remote seduction

Sometimes you should shake it up a bit and use the reverse remote seduction technique.  What is it?  You are guided into relaxation and then, while your POI is connected to you, excited to be with you and ready for action, you withdraw your attention.  

Why?  It will make them desire you even more when they think of you and you disconnect from them.  Remember in the beginning of your relationship when they chased you like crazy?  Yes!  Of course you do!  It's because they didn't have you 100% YET.  That's what the reverse remote seduction technique does -- make them want you more!  Try it!  Enjoy!

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