remote seduction

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It’s like a whisper in your POI’s ear!  The ability to connect with your desired target and create sexual desire, passion and an intensity of emotion using ONLY the power of your mind is what remote seduction is excellent at achieving.
— Lanie Stevens

Using remote seduction you can create passion, desire, interest, falling in love and sexual thoughts without doing anything except connecting with the person using my simple technique.  I teach a unique and special technique in my "How to Make Him Burn With Desire" and Pussy Whip books that gives you a distinct advantage in love and seduction.  My techniques are unlike anything else because they create a special connection between you and your person of interest (POI).

My technique will change the power in which you communication non-verbally to others from the power of a AAA battery to the power of a 220 volt outlet.   As you practice the technique I teach in my books you will find that your POI will be so drawn to you that eventually they will find they absolutely must be with you.  The passion and thoughts of you will become overwhelming to them until you completely consume their thoughts.

 You can use it on anyone you choose: a friend, co-worker, “ex”, current mate or anyone you desire. The choice is yours! What do they feel? They will become very drawn to you, and attracted to you, and the feelings will be strong enough to feel like the "falling in love" type emotions that would happen naturally.  They will find it difficult to not reach out to you in some way because they will desire interaction and communication.  If you don't know the person, as some of my readers have found out when attracting celebrities, when they meet the celebrity in person they act as if they "know" you on a deeper level.  

To connect effectively it is essential that your mind is in a relaxed, meditative state.  I have guided meditations, available ONLY on this website that will assist you in connecting to your mate through powerful visualizations..  Calming your mind causes your brainwave patterns to change, and lowers their frequency, to become more in sync with the frequency of the planet.  This resonance will facilitate a melding together between your mind and the physical world around you.  It is where magic occurs! ENJOY IT!


meditations to spice up your sex life

And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.
— Mark Anthony