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Subliminal messages are messages (phrases)  that operate below the level of conscious awareness and delivered in a way to be perceived from the subconscious mind.
— Definition

Subliminal messages bypass your conscious mind and can help you make positive changes in your life.  Your conscious mind does a wonderful job of choosing which information it will keep and which information it will discard but that's not always beneficial when you want to make changes in your life. For instance; if you have a belief about yourself that you want to change it may be hard to convince your conscious mind of something other than what you already believe about the subject.

Subliminal messages will bypass the conscious mind and go directly to the unconscious (open and accepting) mind to create the changes you desire. It does take consistently listening to the messages for the messages to imprint but it is very powerful! When you deliberately use subliminal messages it allows you to target and change areas in your life such as: self-confidence, insomnia, loving yourself, finding new financial opportunities, attracting money, general affirmations and empowerment, even attracting a mate or getting your "ex" back.  There is nothing too big or too small to target when you are using subliminal messages.

Subliminal audio recordings use statements of empowerment and they are just out of your hearing range so they are considered "pure subliminal" messages and they are an excellent self-help tool. All you do is listen to the music, binaural beats, ocean waves or other sounds and your subconscious mind registers the life changing messages.  Because subliminal messages bypass your conscious, negative brain you are able to fully benefit from the messages. You can listen to them any time and any place, even while you're asleep, and they will help you rewire your stubborn negative beliefs the easy way!

Subliminal messages "are pieces of information that bypass your conscious mind and go straight into your unconscious mind". This is important to understand, because your mind is like an iceberg – only 5-10% of it is the part that we consciously use, and the rest of the processes that go on in there are hidden beyond our direct reach.  However, the remaining 90-95% can be influenced by subliminal messages.  It will help you to FOCUS without trying, cause you to automatically go into ACTION mode, and change your BELIEF about yourself and your ability to attract what you desire.

law of attraction & subliminal messages

The Law of Attraction requires that you stay focused on the things you want to attract and requires that you shift your negative thought patterns to keep them focused positively on the target of your desire. Often times things happen that throw you off course and you find that negativity creeps in you can't bring yourself to fully concentrate on your goal and desire.   When you subliminally interject positive thoughts related to your desire it will help you stay positive and on the right track. So if you want to attract love your conscious mind may want to go into a negative state basing your perceived outcome on your past experiences in love relationships.  Hearing positive affirmations such as: "love comes easily to me" or "I can have anyone I desire" or "I am a magnet for men so I can be selective" may fall in deaf ears IF your conscious brain cannot believe it to be true.  

However, when statements of this nature are imprinted on your subconscious mind it will reinforce your focus on that specific goal without conscious effort. I like to use guided meditations because they get me into a relaxed state of mind as I visualize, listen to affirmations and resonate with them. However, to reinforce the change in my thought process I listen to subliminal messages on a daily basis.

your beliefs affect the outcome

 Women I counsel sometimes express frustration because no matter how hard they try they cannot keep negativity from affecting what it is they would like to manifest. The reason? Because your conscious mind will override and rationalize the reason that you can never have what it is you desire. Using LOA, that basically says that you must have the desire and belief in order to manifest, you may find your conscious brain working overtime to analyze and convince you otherwise. Remember, your beliefs have been stored and reinforced for a very long time but subliminal audios helps because the positive messages will eventually override those ingrained negative beliefs.

you must add action to the equation

 The Law of Attraction allows you to attract into your life people, opportunities, relationships and situations that you have desired. But you also must act when presented with an opportunity! So if you have been trying to attract love but don't respond when your POI contacts you, or you decline an opportunity for a job interview when you want to attract more money, or you stay home rather than go to a function where you will meet new people and you desire a better social life  --   then you are essentially sabotaging yourself. You may find that subliminal audio meditations will make you more of an "action person" because it reinforces and strengthens your goal and changes your belief in yourself.  You can listen to the music without consciously being aware of the messages but they can absolutely reinforce, direct you and attract to you what you desire.

To sum it up you must FOCUS on what you desire, BELIEVE you can have or achieve it and ACT on the opportunity when presented with it.



“By subliminal, I mean things that occur in our world that are below the threshold of consciousness but do have a psychological effect on us.”
— Leonard Mlodinow



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