take control of your relationship


you are not a victim! you are a powerful woman!

Somehow, some way you find that you are no longer in control of your relationship but how can you change it?  I helped a friend of mine regain control and she had lost control of her relationship for years.  It’s never too late to regain what you thought was gone!

DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS  If you are confident that you deserve to be treated a certain way in the relationship you will already have set firm boundaries.  If your partner thinks or tries to get away with anything and everything, and you allow it, you have lost your power.  Let them know (without having to say it) that if it isn’t working you are not afraid to walk away.  Powerful women don’t accept treatment that is less than they desire and deserve.

BE CONSISTENT  Don’t use idle threats or intimidation methods to try to “win”.  Unlike parents who always threaten, and never follow through with actions, you must do what you say.  For instance; if you have said you would do something if boundaries were crossed KEEP YOUR WORD.  As hard as it is to do you must honor your word and yourself.  If you want to take control of the relationship you must be responsible for your actions and reactions.

DON’T PLAY GAMES  Being in control isn’t about who is the best “game player”. It is about being strong, powerful and self-confident.  Taking control doesn’t mean that the other person lacks input OR that they are at your mercy.  It just means you are not allowing yourself to be someone else’s puppet.  Men respect strong, independent women so don’t make yourself less than who you are to keep someone else happy.

CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS  When someone pushes your buttons and you don’t respond the way you normally would the control will begin to shift.  The control inside of you as well as your relationship.  If you are one of the many women who lose it and text constantly, call incessantly or cannot control outbursts now is the time to change.  You don’t get control in your relationship when you lose control of yourself.  Calm, cool and collected women get the respect, love and faithfulness from their mate.  

NO MAN CONTROLS YOU  Recognize that no one can control you, your future or your emotions.  This isn’t a feminist statement but rather a statement of fact. No man controls you because you don’t allow yourself to be manipulated and/or mistreated. If a man does not want to make you a priority in his life then perhaps it’s time to consider moving on.  You should never compromise your values and desires out of fear of losing a man.  This is not the only guy you'll meet and connect with so don't be afraid to tell him how you feel.   If he doesn't feel the same way about moving things forward then you have your answer.  Buh-bye.

IF HE WANTS SPACE GIVE IT TO HIM  In other words, act differently than before when you blew up his phone if he acted the least bit disinterested.  If a man says “I am not ready for a relationship” what he probably means is “I’m not ready for a relationship WITH YOU”.  Can that change?  Absolutely!  When you give him space one of two things will happen.  He will either leave forever (in that case he was never yours to begin with) or he will wonder why the hell he was dumb enough to let you go.  If that’s the case you will have him at your beck and call in no time at all.

 Want to add a little something extra to assure you that you’ll be on his mind? My books are written to empower women but there are also guided meditations to boost your power, control and desirability in his eyes.  They are so powerful they are “FOR WOMEN ONLY”.