conquering your man’s heart is worth the effort — learn how!

Men are so simple to read and understand but we fail to give them what they so desire. Why? We don’t know what they need the most out of their woman. Most of all men need to be loved, respected and needed. They want you to put them on a pedestal and make them feel like “superman”. Every man wants to believe that he has the power and ability to protect his “maiden” and they need to feel that you believe it to be true. After all, they can do more than grill and take out the trash. ;-)

Some of the ways you can make him feel like he is your “super hero” is to show him through your behavior that you respect him and his opinion. Simple things like asking him for his advice and then following it. Or, building him up when you’re in public and watching him stand a little taller and prouder. Resisting the urge to belittle him or make snide comments to him when others are around. Even if you have just had a “knock down/drag out” fight. Refraining from making him the butt of jokes or looking like a total idiot will make you his dream girl and you will be even more loved and adored.

Other things you can do to keep his ego soaring is to be supportive of him in his career and have faith that he can, and will, succeed in whatever he chooses to do. If he is your superhero then he will aspire to protect and take care of you. That means financially as well as physically. The more important you make him feel the more important YOU will be to him.

It’s always tempting to roll your eyes at the story he’s telling for the umpteenth time but pretending to think he’s funny and/or important means that sometimes you have to pretend to enjoy it. His ego is fragile when it comes to his mate and something as insignificant as an eye roll can make him feel small. Men love to feel they are stronger, better and more financially secure than their friends and co-workers. It’s a macho thing! Yeah, we may not understand it but look at it from the perspective of us wanting to feel like we’re prettier than everyone else in the room. Hopefully he will reciprocate and make you feel important, too.

When you argue, and you will, keep above the belt! Don’t belittle, made snide and hurtful remarks (that you’ll likely regret later), and make it a point to not verbally attack him. Keep your arguments to the point (more in a later lesson) and as brief as possible. Men lose their ability to hear anything after a few minutes of complaining and, like a cat, all they hear is “blah, blah, blah”. Be respectful and end disagreements ASAP.

If you’re tempted to spy on him, creep on his private stuff or anything else that he should be able to keep private — DON’T! Why? If he isn’t trustworthy you shouldn’t be with him. And, if you snoop it undermines him and makes you look bad. Unless he comes in smelling like topless dancers and sex you shouldn’t be snooping through his stuff. Respect him and he will adore you for it!

What happens when you continually show disrespect for your man? He will shut you out emotionally and it will cause him to pull away and potentially end your relationship. I’ve found that you can sit down and calmly tell a man anything, if done without being caddy or disrespectful, and they will accept it and attempt to resolve the issue. Why? They love to come up with a plan of action and a solution. However, if you don’t communicate clearly and effectively and rely on playing the blame game, cutting remarks, accusations that are unfounded or any underhanded method to get your way they will shut down. AND SHUT YOU OUT!

Yes, men are pretty predictable and getting him to love, adore and commit to you means that you have to build him up and make him believe that he was chosen by you because he is SPECIAL. After all, with all your suitors you have chosen him to spend your time and/or life with so how could he not be? The bigger, stronger, sexier, hunkier and interesting you make him feel will return to you tenfold in his mind and heart. Isn’t it worth it?